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Please Join Me In Donating To The Combat Control Museum

The Benini Heritage Center and Museum is located at the Combat Control School at Pope Field, NC.  

The museum is named after Alcide S. “Bull” Benini (seen above circa 1951), a WWII Bataan Death March survivor 1942 and veteran of the 82nd Airborne Division 1946-1952, he transitioned to the USAF and became its first Combat Controller in 1953.

There have only been about 3,000 Combat Controllers in the history of the careerfield. Unfortunately, the facility cannot be properly maintained solely from funds donated by survivng CCT members and the USAF does not find the museum. That’s why they need our help.

My first two USAF assignments were as a Special Tactics Intelligence Officer. I learned first hand about the capabilities Combat Control brings to the fight. Many of you have worked with them in other capacities. Now is our chance to give back and help them preserve their heritage.

Every little bit helps.


2 Responses to “Please Join Me In Donating To The Combat Control Museum”

  1. I worked with many solid CCT guys while in Delta – I’ll be donating for sure

  2. Ron says:

    ^^Thumbs up!
    I used to Instruct at CCS. The heritage center is awe inspiring and lays out the history of our carrer field. Anyone passing through the area should stop by and check it out. I will be donating. Thanks for posting!