Wilcox Industries Is Now Manufacturing Products In Australia

PM Tony Abbott and GB

Wilcox – Made in Australia.

A major milestone occurred today, when Graeme Bulte CEO and Founder of Melbourne based company Aquaterro, presented Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott with the very first Wilcox product “Made in Australia”.

Wilcox Industries is a leading American defense products manufacturer from New Hampshire, who specializes in advanced manufacturing, computer aided design and rapid manufacturing.  Wilcox is well known as a provider of equipment of the highest quality and specification to Special Forces, law enforcement and other military clients.

Wilcox and Aquaterro are currently in the middle of delivering on a significant contract for Night Vision Mounting Systems to the Australian Defense Force (ADF) as part of a multi-million dollar night vision capability upgrade for the Australian soldier.

“Wilcox Industries Pty Ltd” an Australian Company, was recently incorporated as a stand-alone Joint Venture between Wilcox Industries and Aquaterro, in order to expand the supply chain and global footprint of Wilcox, and to more closely mirror the kind of rapid customer response and operator focus that Wilcox provides for its U.S. customers.

“Wilcox understands that in order to succeed in Australia and the region, it needs to have a footprint and investment in Australia” said Graeme Bulte, “ and we are committed to bringing that customer focus and capability, along with the advanced manufacturing jobs opportunity it represents, to Melbourne”.

The Australian Made Wilcox EF1500  rail allows for accessories such as laser aiming devices to be securely fitted to Australian Army rifles.

The new “Wilcox EF1500 Exo-Skeleton Rail” is destined to be the first of many success stories as these close USA-Australian allies grow this cooperation across the Pacific in support of our soldiers and the growth of advanced manufacturing jobs.



8 Responses to “Wilcox Industries Is Now Manufacturing Products In Australia”

  1. Glen says:

    What a joke! Abbott was a full blown supporter of the introduction of the draconian gun laws and mass confiscation introduced in 1996 by his political mentor and idol John Howard!! These included the total ban of civilian ownership of all military style / semi auto firearms in Australia !! This guy is the son of the devil himself and is hated by most law abiding firearm owners in Australia!! Its a disgrace that his face appear on SSD!!

    • Good thing this article isn’t about Abbott…

    • jim says:

      Pretty sure the topic was about the ability for defence to streamline product aquisition. Having been issued and used the in service wilcox mount i can say that it’s a great bit of gear compared to the previous NVG mount.

  2. John says:

    As SSD stated, this is a major milestone for Aus Defence and a positive step forward towards its military capability. The current government is pushing hard to weed out ill spending and corporate governance in a defence force that has been let down by the top brass and assisting organisations. I don’t know about you Glen, however I have to fight up front in technology/equipment that is outdated due to the current system, so having a milestone such as this is worthy of a Tony pic!

  3. Glen says:

    Wilcox bringing enhanced capability is good !! Having a political turd help deliver the message is bad!

    • Jay says:

      Hey Glen, at least Tony and his office is attempting to fix the mess that is DMO and Co. They’ve been personally responsible for guys down range not having the kit we’ve needed to fight for ages, and this was while two major wars were being fought. Anyway that’s my rant, time to rest my trigger finger from shooting my fully auto assault rifle all day…

  4. Stefan S. says:

    One day I’ll tell my grandchild…”You know we used to make everything in this country”.