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Warrior Expo – Aimpoint 

The FCS 12 Fire Control System was developed about 13 years ago for use with the Carl Gustav 84mm but it’s starting to gain some steam for use with additional weapon systems such as the Mk 19.  This flexibility means you can have one sight solution for use with multiple weapons. 

It incorporates a reflex sight, ballistic computer and laser range finder into a single package.  It is user configurable and provides precision targeting for the weapon it is attached to.  In addition to weapon system, the user selects ammunition type and selects a target to engage.  The FCS 12 then selects offers a disturbed reticle for successful engagement.


One Response to “Warrior Expo – Aimpoint ”

  1. Lasse says:

    I’d trade my left nut for one of these.
    They can have both if they manage to do a variable zoom version.