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Warrior West – Massif

We recently wrote about the new Army Combat Shirt – Type II created specifically for use with the Soldier Plate Carrier System.  Many readers seemed displeased with that Army directed design and mentioned several attributes they’d like to see in an improved design.  Massif is already one step ahead of you with their new Advanced 1/4 Zip Combat Shirt (FR).

This commercially available FR combat shirt incorporates a 1/4 zip polo style collar along with increased printed FR fabric that extends down the aide of the garment to increase camouflage. Additionally, the SuperFabric elbows will accept padding.

Offered in Black, OD and MultiCam sizes XS – XXXL.


9 Responses to “Warrior West – Massif”

  1. Eddie says:

    I’m actually a fan of this design, much better contender for the next ACS.

  2. WagenCAV says:

    I certainly never wanted to come across as displeased with Massif or even their designs, my point was that it was ironic that we’re distinguishing between OCP and OCP (OEF-CP) and that one might prove superior to the other, while still positing that with all the PCU-9 and comparable variations thereof, why are we even making ACUs, ABUs, MWUs etc. at all anymore, haven’t the plethora of combat shirts and pants regardless of cammouflage pattern rendered those uniforms irrelevant? And lastly, why did PEO reinvent the wheel with a quarter zip ACS when those shirt types have been around forever? We keep talking about taking fiscally responsible measures (OCP selected due to financial costs associated with OCP (ironic right?), too many uniforms in the DoD system, etc). Anyway, hopefully I won’t have anymore fodder to rant about, I’m just getting itchy wearing these stupid UCP uniforms and am ready to don something better.

    Thanks again for your coverage on this. It really keeps me coming back cuz it’s so damn fun to poke fun at the Army on this matter and you’re the only one giving us accurate information on this topic. Never meant to come across as a troll, just like taking my frustrations out on PEO Soldier since the acquisition process is so damn weird sometimes.

  3. jjj0309 says:

    Please bring back Potomac

    • ThatBlueFalcon says:

      Yeah, that’s good kit right there. Better design, better fit, doesn’t smell like piss.

      Also – XXXL? HOLY FUCK, that’s Reserve-sized!

      • Airborne_fister says:

        Had a guy in my unit. Who’s biceps only fit in the xxl gen 1 ACS. So that is why I think they went bigger correction huger.

  4. Explosive Hazard says:

    Still not a fan of how tight the sleeves are on the ACS. When temps go over 100 degrees it would be nice to be able to open up the cuffs for ventilation.

  5. Tanner says:

    Did they get rid of the cat piss smell?

  6. paul says:

    I bet the Army will make you wear a t-shirt underneath it if you zip the collar down.

    Why do we have several different combat shirts in the DOD? Patagonia L9, Crye AC, Crye Gen 3, FROG (Marines), Massif (regular Army), etc…?

    I’d rather spend the money to modify my old ACUs instead of wearing the Army Combat Shirt.

  7. pbr549 says:

    Joe will find a way to roll those sleeves up LOL.