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Warrior West – Wilcox Skull Lock Head Mount-Lite

The Wilcox Skull Lock Head Mount-Lite was built at the request of clients who were seeking the functionality of the original Skull Lock Head Mount but in a lighter form factor that could be easily stowed.  

The Skull Lock Head Mount-Lite is a combination of a Wilcox shroud, FirstSpear fabricated crown and Team Wendy pad set and Boa chinstrap.  The combination is very stable and adjustable to virtually any head.  

Available now from Wilcox and Wilcox authorized dealers.


6 Responses to “Warrior West – Wilcox Skull Lock Head Mount-Lite”

  1. ThatBlueFalcon says:

    That looks like it’s assembled by the dream team! How does it stack against the Crye Nightcap?

    • NP says:

      The nightcap is terrible… hardly any support for holding NVGs in place (the cap tends to slide down – especially with 15s or a dual 14 setup). This looks like a more comfortable, upgraded version of the ‘skull crusher’ that comes with most NVG kits.

      • ThatBlueFalcon says:

        I have the exact opposite experience – I’ve been using a Nightcap with Sentinels and a counterweight and I have experienced almost no shift.

        • Andrew says:

          The OpsCore skull crusher is the most comfortable NVGs mounting solution on the market IMO. The nightcap is leaps and bounds better than the original USGI skull crusher, but not as stable or comfy as the ops core or helmet with good suspension system. The advantage of the nightcap is that its super compact and light. This seems to be a middle ground between the nightcap and OpsCore skull crusher… It will be interesting how it stacks up in comfort, stability, and portability.

  2. Reader says:

    Old school skullcrusher, anyone? God that thing sucked hard… 11/10 would rather take a helmet.

  3. Ronny says:

    This looks nice. Havnt tried the night cap yet though.

    On the other hand, although the classic skull crusher deserves its nickname, it will work well enough when your skull get use to it. But its highly recommended to make a custom pad in the front (wider and higher), way more comfortable, and also a worn instead of new skullcrusher is also better.