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See Wilcox at AUSA

Saturday, October 7th, 2017


3rd Group’s USASOC Sniper Comp Winners Rely On Wilcox RAPTAR-S, Again

Monday, April 10th, 2017

Congratulations to the 3rd SFG(A) team for their second-year-in-a-row 1st place finish at the challenging USASOC Sniper Competition last month at Ft Bragg, NC. The competition was heavy. They beat out 23 other teams, including international competitors, across 19 events.


Last year the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed teams all relied on the RAPTAR-S from Wilcox Industries. This year, not only did the two-time overall winners choose the RAPTAR-S, so did seven of the 10 top placing teams. As you can see, it wasn’t just US teams using the RAPTAR-S, but allied as well, and they showed very well. In fact, of the 23 teams in the comp, 10 used the RAPTAR-S.

This year’s top 10 teams standings:
2. Netherlands (RAPTAR-S)
3. 1st SFG
4. Germany (RAPTAR-S)
5. 3rd SFG (RAPTAR-S)
7. 10th SFG (RAPTAR-S)
8. 5th SFG
10. Ireland


The RAPTAR-S is quite versatile. It incorporates an Infra-red (IR) laser, visible laser, IR flood and laser range finder (LRF) the RAPTAR-S. It also incorporates an Applied Ballistics computer created by their partner nVisti Tactical Innovation which specializes in the field of small arms fire control systems with expertise in laser range finders, ballistics, wind measurement and digital imaging. Through nVisti’s partnership with Applied Ballistics and Accuracy 1st, the company has been responsible for the development and integration of the ballistics, firmware and software for the RAPTAR-S weapon-mounted laser range finder.

The solver’s computations achieve nearly the accuracy of a full 6 degree of freedom model using a three degree of freedom (3DOF) modified point mass numerical solver considering all environmental conditions including average cross-wind or a cross-wind profile. It accounts for all major and minor trajectory variables including the use of measured G7 BC’s and even the option to use custom drag curves for over 400 bullets. The output is shown in MILs, MOAs, or even an ACOG BDC reticle. Included within the system is a ballistic calibration feature allows user to ‘train’ the software to match a specific rifle based on observed impacts at long range. Combined with the over 400 custom measured bullet drag curves (available for syncing via Android or PC), shooters have everything the need to make a much more precise trajectory calculation than any other software available.


Included within the RAPTAR-S, the Applied Ballistics solver measures temperature, pressure, humidity, inclination, cant, heading to the target, and GPS coordinates. By using these sensor readings and the custom drag curves, the solver is capable of producing ballistic solutions that are accurate to within 0.1 mils through the subsonic range of the bullet’s flight.

The ballistic data can be exported to most mobile devices or paired with BAE thermal sights as well as the UTC SWIR HWH-SMS camera. In the case of the latter two systems, the RAPTAR-S provides a ballistic solution to the disturbed reticle.


While generally attached directly to the weapon, it can also be attached to spotting scopes or any other Mil STD 1913 rail. In fact, many users prefer a mounted solution over handheld LRFs. Users raved about the performance with such comments as, “Can’t win without it” and noted their faster engagement times due to the Applied Ballistics software mated with the Kestrel.

The RAPTAR-S wasn’t the only LRF used in the competition. There were also STORM SLXe, STORM SLX, STORM PI, and RULR devices in use with the various competitors. LRFs are one of the best ways to maintain an edge in competition and in the field. Right now, it seems that the RAPTAR-S is the leader of the pack.

AUSA Bound? You’d Better Stop By Wilcox Ind

Thursday, September 29th, 2016

Looks like Wilcox has a couple of new things to check out.

Caracal Commits to US Market With Wilcox Partnership

Monday, January 18th, 2016


Senior officials from Caracal, the Emirates Defence Industries Company (EDIC) and Wilcox Industries

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Caracal and Wilcox Industries have announced today a new strategic partnership that will see Caracal firearms produced for the first time in the United States from Wilcox’s world-class manufacturing facility in Newington, New Hampshire.

On the new partnership, Hamad Al Ameri, CEO of Caracal said, “This partnership takes Caracal to the next level, and supports our long-term strategic goals for the United States. Our two highly-experienced teams will be working hand-in-hand, collaborating and sharing expertise on the design and development as well as the manufacturing and testing of new, exciting Caracal products customised for the US market.”

Wilcox is well-known to the industry as an innovation leader when it comes to tactical products developed to support special forces units in the United States and globally, and are highly sought after by many of the top gun makers.

Under the terms of the partnership, Caracal’s US-based subsidiary, Caracal USA will co-locate its headquarters with Wilcox, with its Idaho office serving as its marketing arm. Target weapons for production at the facility include the 5.56mm CAR 814 direct impingement, semi-automatic rifle and the CAR 816 short stroke gas-piston semi-automatic rifle, both of which are designed for the US sporting market. Select-fire variants of these rifles will also be made for the defence and security market. Caracal’s new generation Enhanced F 9mm pistol will also be made in the facility. The production of the CAR family of rifles will also enable Caracal USA and Wilcox to now compete for US government arms contracts.

Speaking on the strategic partnership, Mr. Jim Teetzel, founder and CEO of Wilcox Industries, said, “We are proud to have Caracal working and collaborating alongside our team. This unique partnership represents the future of the industry, where leading experts from around the world unite to develop cutting-edge products for the market.”

The partnership will also provide Caracal with manufacturing and distribution rights for the Wilcox fusion system and the 40mm Grenade Launcher Module (GLM).

Caracal CEO Hamad Al Ameri and Wilcox Industries CEO Jim Teetzel today following their announcement of a new strategic partnership that will see Caracal firearms produced for the first time in the United States from Wilcox’s world-class manufacturing facility in Newington, New Hampshire.

Caracal and Wilcox will be showcasing their latest products at SHOT Show 2016 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 19th to 22nd. For members of the media and industry buyers, Caracal will have live demonstrations of select products at Industry Day at The Range located in Boulder City, Nevada on January 18th.

Wilcox is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of high quality tactical equipment for use by military and law enforcement in the United States. Product lines include Night Vision Mounting Systems, Small Arms Systems, the PATRIOT Hybrid Life Support System and Combat Systems including an accessory line that significantly enhances rifle modularity, all of which present a significant tactical advantage for the end user.

Caracal is the only OEM small arms company in the Middle East, and it is now being backed by a strong industrial parent company, the Emirates Defence Industries Company (EDIC). This unique arrangement allows for Caracal to receive maximum resources and support in order to drive the next phase of growth for the company, including its new US presence.

Attendees can visit Caracal at its booth 2829 in Hall 1and Wilcox at its booth 7208 in Hall 1 during SHOT Show.

BAE Systems – TracIR Software Available Now for IR Systems

Friday, January 15th, 2016


Last year, BAE Systems announced the TracIR software solution which integrates their OASYS line of IR sensors with Wilcox Industries‘ RAPTAR-S to provide the marksman with range to target, windage and elevation, 100 yard zero, and a ballistically-solved hold over.  Now this “disturbed reticle” technology is ready for order.  The TracIR software is not only available as an option for new systems, but can applied as an upgrade existing devices.  It’s as simple as using the data cable which is also,used to connect the RAPTAR-S to the OASYS line of IR sights.  This means a affordable, seamless transition for current customers.  With this implementation, BAE Systems has lived up to their goal of making TracIR easy to find, buy, and use.

Warrior West – Wilcox Skull Lock Head Mount-Lite

Friday, May 1st, 2015

The Wilcox Skull Lock Head Mount-Lite was built at the request of clients who were seeking the functionality of the original Skull Lock Head Mount but in a lighter form factor that could be easily stowed.  

The Skull Lock Head Mount-Lite is a combination of a Wilcox shroud, FirstSpear fabricated crown and Team Wendy pad set and Boa chinstrap.  The combination is very stable and adjustable to virtually any head.  

Available now from Wilcox and Wilcox authorized dealers.

SHOT Show – Applied Ballistics/Wilcox Ind RAPTAR-S

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

The Rapid Targeting and Ranging Module (RAPTAR) – Solver is a joint project between Applied Ballistics and Wilcox Industries. It is an improvement over the original model providing IR Laser, Visible Laser, IR Flood, and Laser Range Finder along with the Applied Ballistics Solver. The system also takes into account Temperature and Humidity, Inclination, Cant, and Heading Reading as well as optional GPS inputs.


SHOT Show – FirstSpear Range Day

Monday, January 19th, 2015

The brands at this year’s FirstSpear Range Day are some of the best in the business; Wilcox Ind, Point Blank, Beyond, Aimpoint, Centerfire Ammunition, Oakley, SIG, Revac, Wounded Wear, Sinter Fire, Lamder, Tap Rack.





If you can’t make it, stop by the Point Blank booth # 11366 at SHOT Show to see the entire FirstSpear line.