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Applied Ballistics Wins Military Contract to Advance Extreme Long-Range Sniper Capability

Thursday, March 29th, 2018

Applied Ballistics Wins Military R&D Contract
Precision Shooting Tech Company Funded to Advance Extreme Long-Range Sniper Capability

Cedar Springs, MI: Applied Ballistics LLC, a Michigan-based tech company focused on advancing the state of the art in long range rifle shooting, has been awarded a $1.3M contract by the Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO) to execute Phase 1 of the Extreme Sniper Strike Operations (ESSO) project.

Phase 1 of the ESSO project is focused on advancing the predictive capabilities of modern ballistic solvers by performing Doppler radar measurement and modeling of current service rounds at Extreme Long Range (ELR) as a function of gyroscopic stability, and refining the models of secondary ballistic effects such as spin rate decay and spin drift at ELR. Phase 1 will conclude with the ballistic modeling enhancements being integrated into the existing Applied Ballistics ecosystem of electronic devices which are currently deployed by numerous US and allied armed forces around the world. Phase 1 is scheduled for completion in late 2018.

Phase 2 of the ESSO project is a potential follow on (2019) that focuses on the development and fielding of an advanced ELR sniper rifle system designed to drastically increase first round hit probability at ELR on man sized targets. The Applied Ballistics Weapons Division is currently conducting research and development on weapons platforms, as well as new cartridge and bullet options, that will maximize ELR ballistic performance from lightweight, practical, magazine fed systems.

Bryan Litz, owner of Applied Ballistics LLC, said: “Our team of Aerospace, Mechanical, Electrical and Computer Science Engineers and Technicians will apply our combined experience including years of testing and competing in ELR Shooting to the successful completion of the ESSO program objectives. This means extending the maximum effective range of US and allied snipers, achieving decisive overmatch on the battlefield. I can’t imagine a better application of Applied Ballistics’ collective efforts.”

Applied Ballistics Announces Addition Of Dave Preston To Award Winning Shooting Team Roster

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

Cedar Springs, MI – Applied Ballistics, LLC, has announced the addition of PRS Champion Shooter, Dave Preston, to their roster of Award Winning sponsored competitive long range shooters. Dave will be joining Bryan Litz and Matthew Brousseau as a representative for the company in the 2016 Precision Rifle Series Season.

“We’re beyond excited to have Dave as part of our Applied Ballistics Team,” President of Applied Ballistics, Bryan Litz stated. “Dave not only has a proven track record in the PRS arena, and demands the highest performance standards, but his professionalism both on and off the range is something we value above anything else.”

Dave’s love for shooting began at an early age, when his Grandfather gave him a Red-Ryder BB Gun; instantly hooked, Dave sought to knock down every target in sight. After some time, practice and a few hundred cartons of BB’s, he eventually graduated into a Remington 22-250, using it hunting groundhogs on summer evenings.

It was during this time Dave learned how to shoot from various improvised positions. In 2009 he took his first long distance shooting class, and within the year he was assisting in the instruction.

In 2010, Dave began competing in local PRS matches and instantly fell in love. He joined the Precision Rifle Series in 2014 and placed first in three matches, finishing third overall for the season. In 2015 he practiced more than ever and not only place first in four matches, but taking the top over all spot for the season.

“I am honored to be representing this innovative team at Applied Ballistics,” stated Preston. “The folks at AB have made their reputation on providing the best products and shooting aids to the long range shooting community. I’ve always been a fan and user of their products and am now proud to be wearing their logo when I compete.”
This sponsorship is in addition to Applied Ballistics’ current sponsorship with the Michigan F-T/R Rifle Team, as well as the US Rifle Team. Preston will be joining current Applied Ballistics shooter, Matthew Brousseau throughout the season, as well as in some team matches along the way.

Applied Ballistics Announces Two New Books

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

Cedar Springs, MI – October 19, 2015 – This fall, Applied Ballistics is proud to announce the release of two new editions of their library of popular books; Applied Ballistics For Long Range Shooting – 3rd Edition, and Ballistic Performance of Rifle Bullets – 2nd Edition.

Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting is the flagship title of Applied Ballistics’ technical library, and the latest edition brings readers content on Weapon Employment Zone (WEZ) analysis (the study of hit percentage, and how it’s affected by the uncertainties in your environment). As is expected with all of Applied Ballistics’ findings, existing academic material is augmented throughout the book, with modern experimental findings. The third edition also includes the most updated version of the ballistic software on CD. This most recent installment of this title does not include the library of bullet data, as it has outgrown an appendix, and now exists as a separate reference book: Ballistic Performance of Rifle Bullets.

Ballistic Performance of Rifle Bullets contains the current library of all modern bullets tested by the Applied Ballistics Laboratory. Expanding on the first edition of this title, which had data on 400 bullets from .22 to .408 caliber, this second edition contains data on 533 bullets from .22 thru .50 caliber. In addition to the centerfire bullet data, this latest installment includes live fire data on 90 types of rimfire ammo which were all tested for muzzle velocity and BC thru 5 different barrels of various twist and length configurations. This library of experimental test data is the most extensive and accurate resource ever assembled for small arms bullets. Numerous modern ballistics solvers and programs draw from the library of tested BC’s that are published in this book.

Applied Ballistics

Retail price is $54.95 for each title, or $94.95 if purchased together. Pre-orders are currently being accepted at an additional $5 discount thru the Applied Ballistics store and will ship by second week of December.

Bushnell Elite 1 Mile CONX Laser Rangefinder

Monday, October 19th, 2015

Back in June, Applied Ballistics announced that their G7 curve ballistic software would be featured in a new package along with the Kestrel Sportsman and the Bushnell Elite 1 Mile CONX Laser Rangefinder. The system experienced its public debut over the weekend, during the Gap Grind precision shooting competition.

It detects ranges from 5 to 1,760 yards, with +/- one-yard accuracy, but distance output can be swapped to meters on the fly. The 7x magnification LRF’s lenses feature RainGuard® HD, a permanent anti-fog and water-repellent coating. Additionally, the Elite 1 Mile CONX is built to IPX7 waterproof standard which means immersion to 1m for 30 minutes.

The 1 Mile CONX connects to the Kestrel Sportsman via Bluetooth 4.0 (low energy). That may give the folks in the Information Assurance business some heartburn, so Bushnell has spent the past several months integrating 128 bit AES encryption. There is also PSK required for authentication. It’s dual layer encryption with each unit unique.


The LRF uses a CR123 Battery. Use of the CONX capability results in just an additional 5% of battery life. The system is FCC/CE Certified and incorporates a 904nm laser.

There’s also an app under development for both iOS and Android. Although only one device at a time can be connected via Bluetooth, it will allow shooters to make ballistic calculations on their mobile device with imported data from either the Kestrel or LRF. Additionally, the app allows user to create up to three custom drop tables. Finally, the shooter can mount it on his weapon and use it as a real time display.

I was able to try it out during the Gap Grind. The data swap is seamless. You laze a target and not only does the distance, as well as selected (up to three custom profiles) ballistic solution show up at the bottom of the LRF screen, but also on the Kestrel. The output is a fusion of distance to target and environmental data applied to the G7 curve. It’s certainly worth checking out. Some of you might even get a chance this week at Fort Benning, Georgia where the Bushnell Elite 1 Mile CONX Laser Rangefinder will be on display during the 2015 International Sniper Competition.

Incidentally, Bushnell Laser Rangefinders are no stranger to the US Army. They’ve fielded over 20,000 of the non-bluetooth version over the past 18 months for use in support of mortars and Mk19 40mm grenade launchers.

The Bushnell Elite 1 Mile CONX Laser Rangefinder will be available for commercial before Christmas, as a stand alone or packaged along with the Kestrel Sportsman.

Applied Ballistics Announces New Kit With Bushnell And Kestrel

Friday, June 19th, 2015


Late this summer, Bushnell will release a kit through their entire distribution channel which will include a NEW version of the Kestrel 4500 Sportsman Ballistics Weather Meter with their new Bushnell Elite 1 Mile CONX Laser Rangefinder. These two products will work together seamlessly — each target range data set will be transmitted to the paired Kestrel for calculation of an updated firing solution using the full capabilities of the Kestrel Sportsman. The firing solution will be displayed on the Kestrel screen as well as inside the rangefinder. For maximum smart device compatibility, range, battery life and reliability of connection, both the Kestrel Sportsman and the Bushnell Elite 1 Mile CONX will employ Bluetooth® Smart hardware (also known as Bluetooth Low Energy) for connectivity. As a result, current Bluetooth versions of the Kestrel Sportsman, Kestrel with Applied Ballistics and Kestrel with Horus Ballistics models will NOT be compatible with the new Bushnell CONX Rangefinder because they employ Bluetooth Classic.

As Kestrel continues to expand the connection capabilities of their ballistics weather meters, they plan to release future ballistics weather meters that employ the Bluetooth Smart standard and are compatible with CONX and other Bluetooth Smart devices. No firm release date for these products has been set. Note that the Bluetooth Smart models will otherwise offer the same ballistics capabilities and solver engines as the Bluetooth Classic models.

SHOT Show – Applied Ballistics/Wilcox Ind RAPTAR-S

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

The Rapid Targeting and Ranging Module (RAPTAR) – Solver is a joint project between Applied Ballistics and Wilcox Industries. It is an improvement over the original model providing IR Laser, Visible Laser, IR Flood, and Laser Range Finder along with the Applied Ballistics Solver. The system also takes into account Temperature and Humidity, Inclination, Cant, and Heading Reading as well as optional GPS inputs.


Doc Beech Joins Applied Ballistics As Technical Support Specialist

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Cedar Springs, MI – November 18, 2014 – Applied Ballistics is proud to announce the exciting new addition of Nigel “Doc” Beech to its team. Mr. Beech will provide customer support to users of all AB products; primarily the smartphone ballistics apps and Kestrel units.

Known to many in the industry by his forum handle “DocUSMCRetired,” Doc is renowned as an expert source of information on many shooting related products.

“Doc has been an irrefutable, unofficial member of the AB team, providing support and feedback to our end-users for quite some time,” stated Applied Ballistics President, Bryan Litz. “We are confident and excited that his strong knowledge-base of the products, coupled with his in-depth knowledge of the shooting, hunting and outdoor industry, will prove to be an invaluable asset to our team.”

Before joining the Applied Ballistics team, Doc spent the last ten years in the military; having served multiple deployments to Iraq as a Corpsman of Marines, and graduated with Honors from both Corps School and the top of his class at Field Medical Service School, earning his Fleet Marine Force Warfare Specialist device in Iraq. Shooting his entire life, having grown up in East Texas, Doc’s childhood consisted of hunting and fishing. Doc is a Wounded Warrior Alumni, VFW Life Member, Marine Corps League Member and NRA Member.

Doc is a hunter, outdoorsman and competitive shooter; in all aspects of bow hunting, long-range and pistol. He’s currently in school getting a degree in Computer Sciences and Electronics Engineering.

Applied Ballistics Re-Releases Accuracy And Precision For Long Range Shooting

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Popular Long-Range Ballistics Book Re-Released in eBook and Hardcopy

Cedar Springs, MI – Applied Ballistics, LLC proudly re-released one of Bryan Litz’s first comprehensive books on long-range ballistics, Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting, in both eBook and hardcopy. With the amount of credible information available on long range shooting, explaining how to correct trajectories for drop, wind deflection, etc.; this book takes it a step further as Litz discusses how various uncertainties affect hit percentage.

Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting is the manual that lays the groundwork for understanding hit percentages of long-range rifle fire; the discussion centers around probability. “Given different sets of environmental and shooter related uncertainties, what are the ‘chances’ of hitting a target at a certain range?”

A method for calculating hit percentage is presented and used in a number of scenarios, in which Litz explores things like: the effect of range uncertainty, wind uncertainty, muzzle velocity and rifle precision on hit percentage for different size targets at various ranges. The two basic applications of this method are:
1. To determine your chances of hitting a certain target at a certain range with your specific rifle and uncertainties.
2. To research which variables affect hit percentage most for your intended target, so you can design an optimal rifle and ammo system for your application.

While based heavily in statistical calculations, the conclusions of many analyses agree well with the experience of knowledgeable shooters. Several live fire tests are presented throughout, which serve to validate the method as well.

“Ballistics commonly focuses on generating an accurate fire solution which is important, but there’s much more to learn and apply from the science of accuracy,” stated Litz. “A lot of analysis is presented in the book, which demonstrates valuable principles, but those analysis are static. The Applied Ballistics Analytics software is a program which allows you to calculate hit percentages for your specific rifle and target scenarios using the same method as the calculations in the book. Armed with the knowledge in the book, and the AB Analytics software, you’re empowered with a realistic understanding of your hit probability on any target, and what things you can do to improve it.”

Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting is written in the same, easy to understand language that made Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting such an enjoyable and effective book for shooters of all capabilities. Long range shooting can be incredibly technical, and Litz communicates these complex scenarios into terms that allow most average shooters to master the subject with little difficulty.

Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting is available now on Amazon Kindle for $27.99 (Accuracy and Precision on Kindle) and through the Applied Ballistics Store in hardcover for $39.95 (Accuracy and Precision in Hardcover).

As part of the current re-release of this title, Applied Ballistics is offering the book, Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting for free with the purchase of the AB Analytics software. This offer is exclusively available through the Applied Ballistics web store (AB Analytics).