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Check Out This Preview Of LBT’s Fall Pack Line

While I was at Warrior West, I had a chance to check out some new packs dropping from LBT for their Fall line, and they look promising. Now, LBT has released a bit of info on the packs ahead of their release date, which is currently set for June 1st.

Canopy Ruck Pack – LBT-4040

Click to view .pdf

A different take on the standard ruck from LBT, this particular version is more streamline and developed using lighter materials without sacrificing durability.

3 Day Assault Pack v2.0 – LBT-1476A-V2

Click to view .pdf

Version 2.0 of the popular 3 Day Assault Pack, now with a detachable front section similar to the LBT-1562SF medic pack, the 2.0 will have the option of running a slick version or modular version.

Jumpable Rifle Pack – LBT-0101K

Click to view .pdf

Developed specifically to house a Hk417 with jump capability, this pack has lots of storage with plenty of modular real-estate for exterior customization.

Additionally, LBX Tactical and Dynamis Alliance have linked up with IronClad Media to give you a look at the new Adaptiv Combatives suit.

Dynamis partnered with LBX Combatives to develop this advanced, 100% made in America fight suit. ADAPTIV gear allows the end user to train at real speeds in a multitude of environments. Its injury-prevention/impact-reduction system enhances training performance by allowing operators to realistically practice detainee handling, shoot/don’t shoot drills with approved marking cartridges, and other close-quarters combat skills. It can also adapt to MMA training, making it the most versatile fight suit on the market.

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6 Responses to “Check Out This Preview Of LBT’s Fall Pack Line”

  1. DRD says:

    Wow – another High Gear rip-off

  2. mike says:

    Will those zip off pockets on the assault pack work with the Honor Point ZOT line? They look the same.

  3. Lasse says:

    I’ll be the grumpy, almost drunk, guy:
    First pack looks like an European pack had sex with an American pack and their kid turned out with the European shape with some not really intended American features while missing the important Euro genes.
    The 3DAP looks alright, except the lack of load lifters. We’re in 2015, and the shoulder strap design is older than me… It becomes more of an oversized day pack at this point.
    Last one looks like an LF RAID had sex with an Eblerstock, and the only feature Eblerstock didn’t spill on the RAIDs thighs was the gun compartment and the lack of stuff pockets on the sides. And fuck the load lifters again, those are for retards who want a pack to rider properly without clamping their arms down like the best TQ ever made.

    Sorry LBT, but you’re simply not cutting it design-wise for me these days. I’d consult for free for you (ie prior to samples, I don’t have room or want free shit) for a couple of products, but you better start looking at what the civilian pack makers have been doing since the 90s…

    Now where did I hide my own beers?

    • Rowan11b says:

      Still better than the army issue assault pack(hah). I’d give them a go.

    • Darrel says:

      I agree with all of your comments. If I am going to compromise on design and features, the least they could do is offer their products in some colors that actually distinguish themselves from the normal rabble *cough MAS Grey, cough*

      Their generic straps are just sub-par. You can buy Jansports with better harnesses. I guess molle is a neat gimmick, but it’s running out. No one with any common sense would mount anything to the front of a pack. They might as well just replace it with FS-type laser cut slits.

  4. Shooter says:

    Could you guys come up with some new complaints? You’ve got two guys saying the pack is a ripoff from two different companies.