SOFIC 2015 – Tribalco / Raine Inc – Marauder Adaptive Warfare System Plate Carrier

Designed as a maritime plate carrier for the combat diver, the Marauder is made from hydrophobic materials. The Quick Release system should be familiar for divers as it features beads for tactile verification on all release handles.  

It incorporates tactical flotation aids on the cummerbunds as well as removable radio pouches.  
Internally, the Marauder has a removable passive cooling panel.   

Additionally, the plate pocket is example via bungee cord to accept different size plates.


Tribalco is the prime on this project which should be available commercially soon from

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9 Responses to “SOFIC 2015 – Tribalco / Raine Inc – Marauder Adaptive Warfare System Plate Carrier”

  1. SEALFluffer says:

    Man that’s looks great. At first I thought it was a new one from FirstPrecision or maybe it was CryeSpear. Keep on innovating guys!!!

  2. Chris K. says:

    Did they work with another industry partner to design this?

    • John says:

      Yeah, it looks awfully close to another popular carrier…

      • Chris K. says:

        Eitherway, it does look like a good system specific to Maritime. Would like to see one in person.

  3. CRH says:

    Dont support parasitic products! This is clearly a rip off of the Crye JPC and the Firstspear Strandhogg Maritime carrier. Not to mention the HSGI Taco adaptation on the plate bags. I really wish bottom feeding companies that rip off others hard work and innovation would go out of business!

    • Chris K. says:

      Honestly I thought the bungee system on the plate bags is pretty inventive.

    • paul says:

      The other companies had the option of doing this on their carriers too, but didn’t. Raine has been around for some time now and if they managed to pull the best of other systems into one carrier, good on them. Everything out there these days, especially in the “tactical” and military world is built from an earlier design, or at least shares a common ancestor and concept.

  4. Invictus says:

    Man, I love this design. Slick, water shedding, ultralight and minimal bulk, while retaining flexibility for different plates, and using the tactile handles. Drawing design cues from the best of many different carriers. Bravo.

    As for stitching, probably a rushed prototype for SOFIC. Probably see a cleaner version at Warrior West.