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SOFIC 2015 – Tribalco / Raine Inc – Marauder Adaptive Warfare System Plate Carrier

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Designed as a maritime plate carrier for the combat diver, the Marauder is made from hydrophobic materials. The Quick Release system should be familiar for divers as it features beads for tactile verification on all release handles.  

It incorporates tactical flotation aids on the cummerbunds as well as removable radio pouches.  
Internally, the Marauder has a removable passive cooling panel.   

Additionally, the plate pocket is example via bungee cord to accept different size plates.


Tribalco is the prime on this project which should be available commercially soon from www.raineinc.com.

SOMA – Tribalco

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

In addition to the CASEVAC set issued to USSOCOM, Tribalco has also introduced several new, smaller, specialized kits. One example of this is the Trunk Kit.


Designed specifically for LE first responders to render basic aid, the Trunk Kit was modified from a sub kit in the CASEVAC system. This bag configuration includes stopping bleeding, CPR and and prevent hypothermia. While the IFAK will support one person, the Trunk Kit supports up to six patients. The overall form factor will Velcro into place in a trunk, hence the name. It opens fully to expose all of the contents which can be customized based on local protocols.

Think of the IFAK as small, Trunk Kit as Medium and for a Large medical kit, Tribalco offers a Mass Casualty Kit.


SOMA – Tribalco / Peke

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

Manufactured by Peke, the Tribalco Bio Containment Kit was developed to contain everything needed to enter into an austere gross bio contaminated environment to retrieve and isolate a casualty. Although, Peke makes other pod and suit models, this kit is specific for military use by Tribalco who also offers new equipment training during fielding.


The pod is designed to provide an isolated micro environment for treatment and living indefinitely but typically 24 hours. The pod itself is climate controlled and containing ports for medicine, food, and water in and waste out. It provides bilateral access to the patient. As you can see, it features clear panels for patient examination and management.

The full kit has all of the ancillary items needed for the extraction and isolation. This includes a new bio suit as well materials to deal with bio hazard waste associated with such threats as Ebola. Conversely, the pod can become a positive pressure system to protect burn patients during long transits.

The pod will fit on a NATO STD stretcher and accommodates up to 350 lbs and is 2.7 m in length. Peke also offers shorter models for pediatric use as well as longer versions.


Tribalco Integrated Casualty Solution

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

The Tribalco Integrated Casualty Solution (TICS) is the official medical set of the USSOCOM TCCC CASEVAC Program. The first Set was fielded in June of 2012 and multiple SOCOM elements have already deployed with the equipment. Unique to this medical set, in addition to the advanced medical equipment, is the focus on battlefield rescue of trauma casualties. Realizing that you can’t treat a patient that you can’t access, the Set includes specialized extrication, climbing and rigging equipment giving rescue capabilities to Advanced Tactical Practitioners.

The Prime Integrator, Tribalco, will have TICS available for viewing at next week’s SOFIC in Tampa. Come see them in Booth #218.


Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

The Tribalco Integrated Casualty Solutions kit will begin fielding next month as the SOCOM TCCC CASEVAC Program solution. Consisting of 4 modules; Extraction, Mobility, Transportation and Sustainment, this is the most comprehensive field medical ensemble ever fielded.


Developed over the last year-and-a-half, it underwent comprehensive operational testing with medical operators from USSOCOM. It meets Tactical Combat Casualty Care guidelines and provides new capabilities to all SOCOM components.


This system literally covers everything from point of injury to comprehensive, definitive care. The amount of technology included is unprecedented. We’ve sure come along way from an M-5 bag and a Surgeon’s chest!


Tribalco serves as lead integrator for over 500 items from over 60 vendors. Look for a full series of articles in the coming weeks showcasing the technology and training that make up this ground breaking program.