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C2R Fast – Multifunction Kit

British kit producer C2R Fast was tasked with a customer to provide to provide several capabilities. In particular, they wanted a set of three things – lightweight shelter, thermal blanket and an air marker panel.  After some deliberation, C2R Fast decided to combine all three into one product.

Lightweight ripstop Multicam on the outer and ripstop nylon on the reverse with a thermal layer in between, this is able to fold up nice and small but can be used as a marker panel, is long enough to become a lightweight survival sleeping bag, and with tabs and loops in the right places, as a lightweight shelter.

Once you get your hands on a multifunction item like this, its use is only limited by the imagination.


11 Responses to “C2R Fast – Multifunction Kit”

  1. Kris says:

    Mabey it’s just me but, that web site is not easy to navigate on a phone.

    • Phil says:

      or any other device. they really need to work on their eCommerce

    • NP says:

      It isn’t built on a CMS platform (like nearly 100% of modern sites since 2010). The pages are static HTML files.

      As for the product, its not sexy but I bet its extremely versatile.

  2. Asinine Name says:

    I couldn’t see any sign of the kit either.

  3. cimg says:

    Brit improved woobie?

  4. Jeremy says:

    But wait ! , there’s more.

  5. babola says:

    Most of us could live without the pink on the inner layer..
    Totally unnecessary.