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ADS Federal Range Day – Vertx 37.5 Combat Shirt

Keeping in line with an LE focus, we bring you the new Vertx 37.5 Combat Shirt.  


Incorporating 37.5 fabric (formerly known as Cocona), the new 37.5 Combat Shirt is built for comfort. The material is inherently breathable, quick drying and cools quickly due to its wicking properties in high relative humidity.

They also engineered the fabric to mitigate picking, where threads often poke out of the garment, particularly when rubbed by Velcro. They’ve woven an extra line in the fabric’s grid that is easily pulled back into place in the event of a pick.

Other comfort features include running the 37.5 material up into the armpits as well as padded micro side in the neck. Additionally, the neck placket was widened as the zipper is meant to be worn half down, as a convertible collar.

In addition to a two-pen slot on the left forearm, the Combat Shirt’s sleeve pockets also have pen pockets, but inside the outer flap of the pocket. Naturally, the shirt also features reinforced elbows and the sleeve width is the same from the elbow down to the end of the sleeve so it can be easily rolled up.

Available in Green, Black, Desert Tan and Smoke Grey. Coming soon, Kryptek
Highlander and Typhon.

Launching Mid June, 2015 from www.wearvertx.com.


11 Responses to “ADS Federal Range Day – Vertx 37.5 Combat Shirt”

  1. Terry B. says:

    I appreciate that LE “combats crime” on a daily basis.

    But still, calling this a “Combat Shirt” seems like a poor choice for a naming convention associated with LE.


    • Mike D says:

      +1 I think that it’s great that so many companies are offering clothing and equipment geared towards the LE community, but why not call it a Crisis Response Shirt or Threat Mitigation Shirt? Using such verbiage as “Combat” in reference to LE clothing has so many negative connotations these days. It’s only a matter of time before some crazy left-wing nut job picks up on the fact that cops are being given “Combat Uniforms” and everything will go downhill after that.

      • Mike D says:

        Aside from that, I love Vertx clothing and have been using it for years since they came out with their first generation of pants. I’m glad to see their product line expanding. I never was a fan of the gunfighter shirt as it seemed a little too stiff and starchy. Hopefully this shirt will be a big improvement on that design and help fill a tiny gap in their product line.

        • Bill says:

          What you said. I just don’t need the, I dunno, heavy-duty-ness of the .mil stuff. Lucky me, it’s rare when I have to wear the same gear for days or crawl through rocks, and if something tears, I can staple it back together and order a replacement that’ll get here is a week.

          Call it a “Problem-Based Policing Shirt” and I can probably get a federal grant for it. Or “Kinetic Community Relations Blouse.”

          • Brett says:

            “Combat Shirt” to me refers to the design of the shirt…

            • TheDude says:

              Agreed Brett, the people “in the industry” understand what it means.

              However, perception is reality. The vast majority of Americans don’t understand the jargon and (somewhat understandably) freak out when they hear that police are being issued “combat equipment”.

  2. Contractor says:

    I personally would love to delete some of the industry buzz words. Especially in reference to law enforcement. Anyone who thinks language isn’t extremely important is kidding themselves.

    Crisis response shirt sounds like a pretty good name honestly.

    Just as “Pork eating crusader” patches are inappropriate in COIN operations in the Middle East. Pipe hitter union shirts and Darren Wilson bracelets may not be appropriate for policing.

  3. JLo says:

    Combat Boots
    Combat Reload
    Combat Stance
    Combat Cross…

    Just sayin’

  4. elliot says:

    Why no multicam?