Kryptek Camo Spotted In Jurassic World

It you haven’t seen Jurassic World yet, I suggest do. It’s a fun movie. You may just spot a few cool bits of kit.

Kryptek 1

InGen’s Asset Containment Unit of the recently released Jurassic World can be spotted wearing Kryptek pattern Vertx clothing. And through the pattern in the photos may look like Kryptek Typhon, it’s not!

Kryptek 2

As it turns out, Kryptek Typhon was too dark for the needs of the production crew, which is why a team of agers and dyers took Kryptek Mandrake pattern clothing instead and over-dyed it to look very close to Typhon. These teams also handle the tracking and replication of wear, tear, and battle damage to clothing.

Thanks to ‘MK’ for the tip!


23 Responses to “Kryptek Camo Spotted In Jurassic World”

  1. Seamus says:

    5.11 Plate Carrier too!!!!!!!! Which sadly is not Dino-proof.

  2. Johns381 says:

    Did anybody else notice Jimmy Buffet carrying his two pieces of kit during the air attack?

  3. mike says:

    Interestingly, the Mandrake would have made more sense. I guess if they wanted something to make sense they wouldn’t be wearing plate carriers for dinosaur incident response. Maybe the dinos can use guns? Well, they just have foam in them anyway, so maybe they’re makeshift impact/float vests?

    Either way, interesting to see that overdying Mandrake was more cost effective than sourcing the same shirt in Raid.

    • babola says:

      Yeah, both over-dyed Mandrake and Raid wouldn’t be very fitting to the jungle-like environment this movie takes place in, they just stand out more than they should. They are more fitting to an urban environment.

      Pure Mandrake or even Multicam Tropic would be much better choices, IMO.

  4. Carlos says:

    Shouldn’t this be on Tactical Fanboy instead of here?

  5. joe08 says:

    I was wondering why they wore plate carriers, did they expect the dinosaurs to shoot back?

  6. defensor fortismo says:

    I enjoyed it, but I couldn’t help feeling that for a company handling freaking dinosaurs, they were a little undergunned. It seemed like a couple of well placed mark 19s would have solved a lot of the movies problems.

    Also, I realize that the idea is ludicrous, but part of me wants them to run with the Military Working Dino idea simply because I think it would be hilarious. Also , as far as titles go, jurassic wars pretty much writes itself.

  7. Chucker says:

    The ACU wasn’t wearing ACU’s.

  8. Lcon says:

    yeah trying to contain a T-rex sized Dino armed like your riot cops? not a bight idea how about a armored bulldozer with sharp pointy barbs on the plow?

  9. Evets Steve says:

    I wondered about this while watching. Muttered to myself, “if they’re on a mono-climate island, with a perpetual forest, why can I even see these guys ? You’d think after a decade and all that money they could have found a pattern that worked.” Then I was distracted by the world’s first semi-auto lever gun and forgot about it.

    • mike says:

      The only saving grace was that it was 45-70, which is the only caliber lever-actions typically come in that fit the scenario. When I first saw it I was like “What a hipster, that better be in 45-70!”

      • Evets Steve says:

        Aye, and I appreciated that he carried stainless in a jungle.

        But I’m not sure why the extra few rounds carried in the sling were chrome-colored. Seems like non-brass cased rounds (steel, nickle plated ?) exposed all the time to the elements (on the sling) would induce more rust created problems than it solved.

        I presume he mounted an optic for head shots, as open sights would work fine for dino-center-of-mass. maybe he scaled up a “22LR into a deer’s eye” poaching rig into a “45-70 into a T-Rex’s eye” platform. seems reasonable.

        The problem was that it went pew-pew-pew-pew-pew instead of bang-clack-clack-bang…

    • NP says:

      “You’d think after a decade and all that money they could have found a pattern that worked.”

      If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard this….

    • Riceball says:

      You forget, they’re not military or even .gov, they’re park employees, part of the team/division known as ACU (presumably Animal Control Unit). Of course, this still doesn’t explain why they’re wearing blue cammies while wearing plate carriers. You;d think that the people in charge of rounding up loose dinos would be wearing some modern form of plate armor, or at least mail made out of titanium which would actually protect them teeth and claws, at least from anything up to the size of a a raptor; nothing short of a tank would protect them against the T-Rex, I-Rex, and the mososaur.

  10. Jayson says:

    My brother was stationed at Hickam AFB when they filmed this. He was on “special duty” for the filming and was one of the ACU team. After 20 years as an officer in the Air Force. He indicated the wardrobe made him feel very tactical…Officially the only weapon he was ever issues was a net thrower of some sort…does that count???