O P Tactical has Mayflower Kit in Multicam Tropic in Stock


O P Tactical has Mayflower Multicam Tropic Assault Plate Carriers, UW Gen IV Chest Rigs, Pusher Chest Rigs, and Placards with matching webbing in stock now. This is a limited run so get some while you can!

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8 Responses to “O P Tactical has Mayflower Kit in Multicam Tropic in Stock”

  1. Contractor says:

    Good thing I already purchased mine. Pretty sure they will go quick now that you put them on blast.

  2. zig zag says:

    Tropic Multicam looks so much better than regular Multicam, especially for my region (Pacific Northwest)…

    • mike says:


      I’m disappointed because Tropic is too, well, tropic for Virginia. It’s TOO green. Multicam is a transitional pattern and looks okay in the fall before the leaves turn or in the part of summer when it’s so hot that everything is burnt up and dry. MC Tropic works well up in your neck; I mostly wore M81 and Flecktarn out that way but that was before ATACS FG and MC Tropic came around.

      • Pat says:

        Mike, I don’t know if you’re out by the coast or down in the lowlands but if you’re up by the blue ridge like we are MC Tropic is spot on.

        • mike says:

          Hampton Roads. but I spend a lot of time in the GW National Forrest and it looks great out there in Spring/Summer.

  3. Dropkick says:

    It looks like Multi-CADPAT-Cam, but at least Mayflower products are designed well regardless of pattern.