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AFSOC Testing All Terrain Tiger Camo

According to an update on the Tiger Stripe Products website, AFSOC personnel are testing the All Terrain Tiger camouflage pattern.

UPDATE 25 June 2015:

Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) personnel begin Testing & Evaluation of All Terrain Tiger™ (ATT™). Details pending.

Who could blame them? Despite the Army’s transition to the Operational Camouflage Pattern, the Air Force continues to issue the four color grey-based digital tigerstripe camouflage pattern it adopted in 2006. Granted, deployers are issued kit in OCP and Air Force personnel assigned to AFSOC, select Battlefield Airmen and Security Forces personnel assigned to Global Strike Command wear MultiCam. However, the garrison uniform remains digital tigerstripe. It’s also used for may deployments includimg contingency operations.


All Terrain Tiger was actually envisioned by TSP as an operational alternative to the USAF’s digital Tigerstripe pattern. While All Terrain Tiger may end up being used for specialized applications on deployments, patterns such as this are often also used by OPFOR for training.

For more info, visit, tigerstripeproducts.com/products/all-terrain-tiger.

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49 Responses to “AFSOC Testing All Terrain Tiger Camo”

  1. bulletdrop says:

    Adopt the multi-cam/scorpion already. Stop blowing taxpayer dollars when you know what works!!!!! Haven’t we learned anything from watching the Army bumble this??

    • Whiskey Bravo says:

      But that would make too much sense.

    • Easy E says:

      Agreed. The amount of waste is staggering. Great job, GUBBAMENT.

    • Hoff says:

      Agreed. Truth is the majority of the Air Force doesn’t need a combat uniform. Blues four days a week should be the norm aside from those that need a utility type uniform. All that said ATT is a better way for the AF leadership to get their service identity rocks off while having a uniform that might actually work outside of the office.

      • Harris says:

        Screw that noise. Saying that airmen should be in blues 4 days a week is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. No matter how much I hate how little the finance nonners do, I wouldn’t wish that on them. Sure most of the AF doesn’t need a combat uniform, but the current utility uniform is just fine, no need to subject them (or anyone for that matter) to the horror of wearing blues any more than absolutely necessary.

      • SN says:

        Most of the people in the Military don’t need a “Combat Uniform” the fobbits can wear ACU/ABU’s and save us money; but the need for everyone to be special trumps common sense.

        • Stefan S. says:

          SN what an asinine statement. Guess Special Ops and Delta were the only ones in combat? I’m retired ARSOF. There are no “front line” wars anymore. We didn’t learn a GD thing after WW2. Guess by your statement KBR should be hired to support the Army and only trigger pullers will have the cool guy gear? LOL!

          • Clinstone says:

            Garrison forces working in an office should wear an office uniform. Nobody is saying those deployed should wear blues.

      • Ben says:

        Being tested by AFSOC, probably exclusively for AFSOC. If it all works out, hopefully the rest of the AF need not worry about running to clothing sales. They don’t understand that most probably don’t want to standout on the battlefield. Hopefully this is meant for garrison and not pushed on guys to field.

      • JB says:

        This goes for all the services, not just the AF. If your primary duty location is a desk inside an air conditioned building, you should be wearing an office uniform.

  2. CAVstrong says:

    I’d like to see which works better:
    Scorpion kit with M81 and 3CD
    ATT kit with jungle and desert tigers tripe.

    Sorry to keep bringing up bookends…… I’ll stop now….

  3. Bob M says:

    I thought this was an April fool’s joke, at first.

  4. bulldog76 says:

    Ya know it does look kinda cool

  5. Mike D says:

    Interesting… I’ve seen this pattern before on a hat somewhere.

  6. Bill says:

    Remember when all of the services were smart enough to realize that you need at least two different camo patterns? One for green areas and one for arid areas? I miss those days.

  7. 32sbct says:

    Here is the answer to all the camo wars. Army OCP for transitional areas, MARPAT desert for arid areas, and Navy AOR2 for woodland/jungle. The Navy should also adopt the Coast Guard blue work uniform for daily wear on board ship. Every service gets a piece of the pie and every service retains its own headgear. It reduces all services to just three camo patterns and stops this uniform insanity. Too easy.

    • Jeff S says:

      Yeah, but it would require them to share their special piece of the pie!

    • CAVStrong says:

      I’m pretty sure the desert AOR outperformed Desert Marpat.

    • FormerDirtDart says:

      I would think that in the majority of cases the Air Force could also survive wearing the USCG Operational Dress Uniform (blue fatigues)

    • balais says:


      and Coyote Brown/khaki for desert deployment.

      Its time to nuke from orbit…

  8. Josh says:

    Tight like a tiger.

  9. Stefan S. says:

    AF and camouflage go together like soup between 2 pieces of bread, soup sandwich. Issue the AF the Love Boat uniforms for all I care.

    • Ben says:

      If you don’t care, why post such an “asinine” comment?

    • Jeff S says:

      Please tell us how AFSOC doesn’t need camouflage uniforms… I’m truly intrigued.

    • Frank says:

      Yep, when I deployed seven times to OIF/OEF as a JTAC I wore my Love Boat blues while assigned to various ODAs and foreign SOF units….. you’re a special kind of stupid.

      • Darkstar says:

        Love Boat Blues work just fine in a desert environment for downed aircrew, right? No need for OD/Tan FDU’s at all…

  10. 10thMountainMan says:

    Intewesting……. (gleefully looks at OCP Patrol Cap sitting on desk)………. Vewy Intewesting.

  11. Diddler says:

    What happened to that piece about Congress putting an end to all this BS by mandating everyone wear the same uniform again by 2018? Or did that gem of common sense get flushed?

  12. balais says:

    Or you can just adopt scorpion so that it saves money, which the AF claims is always in scarce quantity…

    As far as im concerned, everybody in all branches needs to be in scorpion. Thatll teach some a hard lesson about “copyrighting” patterns.

    • Philip says:

      I asked Gen Welsh at an all-call if we’d be transitioning to OCP once the Army rolled it out and it was a firm “No, the costs are too prohibitive,” followed by “only if you deploy with the Army.” Needless to say I’m not optimistic…

      But we somehow always find money to keep feeding the $1T abortion that is the F-35 program… or any other of the bureaucratically mandated, agenda-driven money wasters.

      I know, different pots of money and such; but waste is waste is waste.

      • balais says:

        The mere mention of anybody with rank in the AF whining about “no money! OMG!” somehow manages to raise my blood pressure.

        Funny thing. They found money to buy C27J Spartans, only to immediately scrap them literally after the assembly line. They find the money for diversity and touring nonsense. They find the money to spend it on a variety of other nonsense pet projects while ignoring something as basic as a uniform.

        Screw it. I say mass punish everybody and make all services wear OG107s and Khaki if they deploy to deserts. Maybe thats the only way to end the camouflage debate forever.

        • Philip says:

          I do find it ironic that the people who preach the most about fiscal responsibility and the need to tighten the belt are the ones already living the executive lifestyle with their swanky perks, personal air transit, full entourages, and 6-figure salaries. People who likely won’t be affected by all these cutbacks.

          • Philip says:

            But I do like the idea of khaki fatigues vs ABU. Hell let’s bring back the khaki poplin uniforms… they looked nice. Creases so sharp you could shave with them!

      • ReverendSpecialK says:

        Yeah because the Airforce should be spending money on camouflage uniforms instead of aircraft. We all know that camouflage is much more important then replacing aircraft from the 70s.

  13. Disco says:

    Okay….they want to ditch A-10s but still insist on the BS camo fashion show like the Soviets where everyone looks all different?

    Like…everyone GOT STUFF DONE for 20 plus years using woodlands and desrts.
    Now over a decade worth of airsofter fashion show and we can’t just save money on things that matter? Like planes, better ammo, getting everyone decent stuff, etc.

    Nope. Gotta keep wearing different utilities and boots…and ugh

  14. Riceball says:

    Why the Air Force didn’t adopt this in the first place instead of the abomination that is digital tiger/ABU is beyond me. Was having a pattern in similar colors to the Army’s (equally worthless) that important or did they get some of discount for using the same or similar dyes to the Army? I also don’t understand why they chose to ignore everything AFSOC had to say about making ABUs better when they were first testing them is also beyond me since they’d be the ones who would need a functional field uniform the most in the Air Force; I doubt that any of their suggestions would have made the ABU any less usable for the office Fobbits or those working on the flight lines.