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Warrior East – Under Armour Fat Tire

On a wall of Black boots, the UA Tac Fat Tire really stands out. In fact, the Fat Tire won gear of the show for the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2015. 
Announced during SHOT Show, the UA Tac Fat Tire incorprates a full Gore-tex upper, Boa lacing system, Under Armour Charge cushioning mid-sole and a Michelin Wild Gripper outsole engineered specifically for UA.  Additionally, it features a Cupron insole that has been EPA approved kills foot bacteria including athelet’s foot.  

This model is coming 1 January but commercial and hunting models are hitting the market this month including a version featuring the Ridge Reaper Barren Camo pattern.



13 Responses to “Warrior East – Under Armour Fat Tire”

  1. FHRITP says:


  2. Anyone else think of the “Mickey Mouse” Vapor Barrier or something boots?

  3. JS says:

    I thought Mickey as well…….

  4. JPate says:

    Are these built for a specific purpose I’m missing, or just over molded for “comfort”?

  5. Rearmount says:

    Good lord. Moon boots.

  6. Chris says:

    Bicycle reference. Michelin made a really good tire in the late 1990s called the wild grip’r and UA is using that tread pattern. Also fat tires are the new rage in the cycling world.

  7. Middian says:

    That looks like that should be worn by and individual with one leg shorter than the other…

  8. Razinski says:

    Ya, uhm …. No.

  9. Frtizthedog says:

    Athletes foot is a fungus..Not a bacteria.
    And now, back to our broadcast…

  10. Nick says:

    Every BOA laced boot I’ve had (3) has broken on me.