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Warrior East – MATBOCK Introduces MR Dry

Like all of their products, the new MR Dry from MATBOCK was designed based on their operational requirements as active duty SEALs.  Like the name implies, the MR Dry is a cooperative development with Mystery Ranch that transforms a MR Tri-Zip 3-Day Pack into a truly wearable, yet accessible, fully waterproof bag. It’s design by MATBOCK, Load Carriage by Mystery Ranch and Waterproof by Drift Dry.


The exterior incorporates a new Mystery Ranch yoke that combines mesh and venilated padding to shorten drying time. This yoke can be removed just like on any other MR pack and installed on the 3-Day Pack that is suspended inside the waterproof shell. Everything is fully removable but when zipped up tight, it’s fully waterproof and even incorprates a oral inflation valve.


You may notice Orange piping on the waterproof shell, but that’s to designate a prototype. Production models will be available in all Black, Grey and MultiCam. Final prototypes are coming next week and you’ll be able to order the MR Dry by August.


3 Responses to “Warrior East – MATBOCK Introduces MR Dry”


    Awesome work everyone, especially MATBOCK.

  2. Oneironaut says:

    New style quick release buckle on the yoke. Looks slick.

  3. ODG says:

    Nice work guys!