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Warrior East – Cejay Engineering 

Cejay Engineering has had a great job with the Neptune signal beacon.  Based on this success they’ve introduced a Public Safety version in “come find me” Yellow.  Additionally, they’ve swapped the lights out to Red, White and Blue and removed the IR LED.  This helped lower the cost to make it more accessible by the civilian community.



4 Responses to “Warrior East – Cejay Engineering ”

  1. rearmount says:

    For those who have had hands on experience, how do the Neptune lights fare in comparison to the VIP strobe from Adventure Lights?

    Also, any word when these will be available?

    • d says:

      I like that you can select a setting on the Neptune and leave it, knowing that when you turn it back on, it’ll be in that setting. That and you can adjust the brightness of each constant-on light setting. So basically you’ve got six settings with white, blue, and IR and a strobe and constant-on function for each.

      • Rearmount says:

        Thanks for the input! Looks like the Neptune is the way to go.

        Hopefully it’ll be released soon.

  2. JV says:

    Nice, I asked Cejay about a civilian legal version a while ago and they said it should be out in May. I guess this is what they meant. Good move switching IR for red LEDs. Too bad the body is yellow, should’ve left it OD.
    Let’s hope this thing goes up on their website in a somewhat timely manner.