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TWN Industries Now Offers Kryptek Camo’s Banshee

TWN Industries Adds Kryptek Camo’s Banshee To Its Collection


PRINCETON, FL – August 11, 2015 – TWN Industries Inc., the leading Water Transfer Printing supplier, announces the release of yet another popular Kryptek Camo pattern: Banshee. The pattern comes in two variations: a full-scale version and a reduced version. The reduced version is 25 percent of the original size, making ideal for decorating smaller parts.

The new design is made up of dark browns and hazy shadows, and has been extensively tested and proven extremely effective in hardwood, tree-stand hunting application during fall/winter foliage cycle. Banshee empowers users to strike with the confidence of a predator at one with their surroundings. The pattern’s bi-level layering incorporate background transitional shading and sharp random geometrical foregrounds to create a three-dimensional effect that ensures the utmost in concealment at both close and long ranges.
TWN Industries expects outdoor enthusiasts to embrace Banshee as a versatile pattern with a multitude of applications. Hydrographic processors will be able to decorate items such as gun stocks, game cameras, binoculars, helmets, bow risers, UTV’s, and much more.

Banshee water transfer printing film is available exclusively through TWN Industries, Inc. Call now to place your order and film requirement. Three-meter accessory packs are available immediately. The part number for Banshee is WTP-804, and Banshee Reduced is WTP-836. To purchase film, or to find a TWN Certified Decorator who can decorate products for you, call 305-258-9622.



8 Responses to “TWN Industries Now Offers Kryptek Camo’s Banshee”

  1. Eddie says:

    By comparison, it simply looks like darker tweaked Nomad camo, but I like it better than Nomad for the coloration reasons.

    • mike says:

      Well yeah. All Kryptek patterns use the same shapes and geometries with a different palette. The beauty is that the effect always seems useful and effective; you just need the palette that’s right for your situation. I’m glad to see this one get printed so as to expand the options I have access to.

      • Riceball says:

        That’s pretty much par for course these days, Multicam is the same, so is MARPAT, and so are the AORs; everybody is doing it these days so Kryptek is not doing anything new or different. I do kind of wonder about their pallette choices though, they seem to be coming out with a number of very similarly colored patterns that are hard to tell one from the other without a side by side comparison. Is a slightly lighter or darker version of one of their existing really going to work that much better in a different environment or is it more for getting products and choices out there even if the performance difference isn’t much?

        • mike says:

          The great thing about that is all they did was offer the palette and name it. They aren’t printing them or making anything in them.

          If a customer wants to have material printed up they just have to ask Kryptek to do so. If they don’t then no big deal. The customer decides.

  2. T says:

    Oh so that’s what it’s for… Pretty cool. I can see it working, hope they add this to the hunting clothing they have. I can also see it working for some desert type areas, although it is a bit dark.

  3. Uniform223 says:

    Gotta love the names Kryptek comes up with for their patterns. Too dark to be used for desert but I can see this being used in the fall season also before snow fall also.

  4. STEPAN1983 says:

    The word “decorating” tells me everything about this camo

  5. Dellis says:

    This is a hydro film, it’s not a cloth material hence the “color”, at least on most hydro films, mainly depends on the base color. Many hydro films have areas of transparency so if I base a handgun slide in a tan or green it will then come out with that tint or tinge of color after being hydro dipped.

    Then I shoot either a clear gloss or matte coating on it. Hydrographics are great for decoration pieces, such as auto interior trim, but for firearms cerakote is far more durable.