Sneak Peek – LBX Tactical Helmet Cover



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  1. xpoqx says:

    That OAF shoutout doe, too bad Facebook is full pussies who won’t let the page stay as “Operator As Fuck”

  2. ODG says:

    Wow big shocker! Very disappointing to see this. Though I am Not surprised at all and its a perfect example why discontinued doing business with LBT.


    • xpoqx says:

      Care to explain as to how this is a parasetic product? What about this product makes it an immitation of an existing product? I only ask because I don’t understand, I’m not sure what qualifies as such since other companies copy each other all the time.

      To my knowledge before 2007 there was no other touch screen smartphone before the iPhone, but now everyone has a touchscreen smartphone, and most are Droids, not iPhones. The Droid seems like the same general concept of product, we put a tiny touch screen computer in the palm of your hands that doubles as a cellphone, only with much more availible variety at much more competitive price when compared against the iPhone. To me, that doesn’t look like a parasitic product, that looks competition.

    • Brent says:

      I’m not following. Have I missed something? What makes you say all that?

    • Greg says:

      Why parasitic product ?

    • jjj0309 says:


    • James says:

      Look, pretty much every helmet cover follows the same template:
      1. Covers the ballistic shell
      2. Has velcro that performs the same jobs as the stock OC velcro
      3. Has ty down/routing/folliage loops, whatever you call them, of some kind
      Now some people use matching velcro, some don’t, some go under the shroud, some around, different tie down solutions exist and so forth, there really isn’t all that variety between you, OC, FS, Eagle, and LBX, indeed someone who doesn’t know the industry would be forgiven for thinking they’re all made by the same company, or possibly two, and are merely different models. Now if we’re talking copy cats, yours and the OC and Eagle are almost carbon copies. It’s almost like someone amalgamated the features of the two onto one cover isn’t it?
      Judge for yourself:
      Ops Core left, ODG right:

      • James says:

        Forgot to add, yes I know you made the FS one.
        Your constant poor attitude towards other business is incredibly unprofessional, calling out the wrong Jason (Tyr), seriously? I for one know that I only support professional business, even if they make products that are similar to other stuff on the market.

    • Matt says:

      I guess I would have been the better option 😉

  3. Mike says:

    looks sick!
    Looking forward to this.
    Lol ODG always ONE GUY!

  4. LBX says:

    While this cover is much different then ODG, I guess no one else is allowed to make a helmet cover with stretch and mesh… We spoke with multiple end users on this product and combined feedback from all sides to get what you see here in the pic

    I think ODG has personal bone to pick with LBT(LBX) in regards to a cancer that is no longer with the company and may have tarnished his opinion of LBT, feel free to contact us directly instead of cheap shot hashtags on open forums if you have any other concerns

    • ODG says:

      I definitely have a bone to pick with a company that constantly knocks off OEM customer designs. Like my helmet cover or like the Arcteryx Khard pack and Takes valuable sample fabrics that we provided and were suppose to be show samples turns them into product and then gives that product away to a SOF unit, without paying us a dime. Or how about corporate officers making business commitments and not following through which resulted in us being embarrassed in front of other affiliate companies and customers that were also relying on those commitments or taking our cover and placing it in marketing ads and video games without asking our permission so you could pass it off as your product.

      Furthermore Alex if you don’t want to get called out in a public forum then stop doing unethical shit. I didn’t cheap shot you I told the truth. Sorry if that hurts your little feelers. You didn’t consult any end users you saw how popular our cover is and how well our cover was selling so you decided to come up with a knock off variant.
      You can bet I will be on the phone picking this bone clean with David Bohannan first thing in the AM!

      • LBX says:

        Once again… In regards to the product/material being sent off to a SOF unit for vetting and making promises he couldn’t follow through on… That guy is no longer here. This isn’t the platform for this, but it’s clearly what you want… You have my info… Look forward to the call

      • xpoqx says:

        Your upset because you have competition? I can’t imagine how much butthurt you accumulate in the average day.

        Thats like Coca Cola being mad at Pepsi because they also sell a similar carbonated beverage. Thats like Ford being mad at Chevy because they also sell cars. If your really that butthurt, how about you patent your intellectual properties. That way next time you feel someone is stealing from you, you can act like an adult and take them to court.

        • CRH says:

          Hey retard while your spouting off about cell phones and soda you should probably read the thread again. You clearly talk like a guy thats never had his IP copied or stolen. Probably because you aren’t in the industry and certainly don’t own your own company or design anything.

          ODG is a great company owned by a great guy with a good reputation, LBT used to manufacture his helmet covers and now they are launching a knock off competing product the features of which clearly came off the ODG cover.
          You’e clearly out of you’re depth here and don’t know whats really going on so make like a banana and split.

          • Caleb says:

            As to someone being “clearly” anything, it’s “clear” from an outsider reading this thread (and by inference potential customers) that CRH and ODG are being extremely unprofessional by airing your dirty laundry in public.

            • CRH says:

              Unprofessional?? I love how when people or companies get called out on their bullshit someone wants to throw out the “Professionalism” Card, what’s unprofessional and unethical is taking someone else’s hard work and great idea and tweaking it, a stitch line here, a material swap there and then trying to sell it off as their own. This industry is full of liars, posers, and thieves. If the situation was reversed and ODG released an almost direct copy of a 6094 plate carrier I can promise there would have been people dropping WTF bombs on this thread left and right. I commend ODG for having balls to call a spade a spade.

          • xpoqx says:

            Without going in to any great detail, I would like to regrettably inform you that much to your dismay I actually do own my own business, and I actually do all my own designs and actually produce all of my own products. I am the sole employee of my company. I do all of my own work, ALL OF IT. Commissions, Acquisitions, Production and Distribution of my product. If you have had any contact with my products, you’ve probably met me. There is no contracting/sub-contracting of work onto others, I can not guarantee someone else’s workmanship, so I don’t.

            While I may not be in the same industry as either of you I do face many of the same dilemmas. Many a times I have been awoken during the night or had my personal time interrupted by a friend or business associate so that they may tell me that a competitor has copied my intellectual properties.

            That doesn’t bother me, let me tell you why.

            My intellectual properties are just that, mine. While you can try to copy me, reproduce my designs, and make money off them, that doesn’t bother me. You may have made a similar product; but it doesn’t have the same materials, level of workmanship, or general quality that my product has. IT DOESN’T HAVE THE SAME QUALITY, YOU CAN IMITATE MY WORK, BUT YOU CAN NEVER REPLICATE IT. I have created a product that has such a high level of style, quality, and workmanship that my competitors envy it. So much so they make a cheaply made, poorly produced imitation. If my product wasn’t good, nobody would copy it. But more importantly, I am the original creator, if I hadn’t made it, it wouldn’t have been copied. So if they are copying me, they don’t have their own original ideas for their products, SO REALLY I DON’T HAVE ANY REAL COMPETITION. More importantly my competition doesn’t have the the same level friendly, personable customer service, or pride in their work. I have superior product, with better customer service, my business is my life at the end of the day my business will eclipse that of my competition. So again I really don’t have any real competition.

            So let me leave you with this.

            Once upon a time, many, many moons ago in the days of my youth. A man on television named Fred Rodgers (YES, Mr. Rodgers) bequeathed unto me a very important life lesson, one of which you both seem to have forgotten. At some point in your life you may be so good at something that others will seek to imitate you, and imitation is the greatest form of flattery. IF YOU WEREN’T DOING SOMETHING RIGHT, OTHERS WOULDN’T COPY YOU.


            “If you don’t want to get called out in a public forum then stop doing unethical shit.”

            “You didn’t consult any end users you saw how popular our cover is and how well our cover was selling so you decided to come up with a knock off variant.”

            “Hey retard while your spouting off about cell phones and soda you should probably read the thread again.”

            “knock off competing product the features of which clearly came off the ODG cover.”

            Apparently I am retarded for giving specific examples of competition in a free market. Competition in which the competitor has clearly released a blatant copy of a pre-existing product. This is basic high school economics, if you don’t patent it, other companies can and will produce it, even if you do patent it, other companies will still reproduce it. It doesn’t matter that it is a blatant copy of a pre-existing product, that is part of having a business in a free market. If you really don’t want people copying your products that is what The United States Department of Commerce’s United States Patent and Trademark Office for, LITERALLY.

            You’re both butthurt and unprofessional, and the only unethical thing I am seeing is two of trying slander another’s business. MORE IMPORTANTLY, I asked a question to ODG and gave the reason as to why I don’t understand his discrepancies. I could have communicated my lack of understanding better but thats besides the point.

            What I most defiantly know is I didn’t ask CRH to come dick ride. It’s not my fault you can’t understand the examples given, but I defiantly didn’t ask you anything and didn’t add anything useful to the dialog. I know children who act more respectable on daily basis, and they were raised well enough to not make assumptions and to address their issues with people in person, face to face. Because anyone can say anything in the internet and someone somewhere will believe it.

            ODG, If this really effects your business take them to court, but I don’t imagine you can since you probably don’t have a patent. Good luck getting any court to side with you if you can’t prove it to be your original intellectual property.

  5. nathan says:

    I have a bone to pick with LBX / LBT, I bought one of their load out bags and the plastic is bad, it crumbles like a chip. Ive called them at least 10 times and have left messages, I have never be able to talk to a real person and have never had anyone give me a call back. Would love to see some love on this issue or as for now I will never buy another one of their products.

  6. LBX says:

    Sorry to hear that Nathan, email me and I’ll make sure we get you squared away


    [email protected]

  7. jjj0309 says:

    Oh boy, here we go.

  8. rowan11b says:

    I have a bone to pick with LBT, I’ve been using their nylon my entire career and now I have hoards of privates asking me where I got my comfortable and squared away gear. Please make equipment that isn’t as good so I can stop being harassed by lower enlisted.

    In all seriousness, industry politics aside, thanks for always taking care of the end user LBT. Customer service is always top notch.

  9. Rigger Dave says:

    Nice looking cover.

    also, I am looking for applicants for time travel. I have perfected a device, and already used it once. Maybe I have said too mu

  10. Fox says:

    Looks good. The mesh is definatly appreciated, especially on hot days when ventilation is desired. MAS Grey is perfect for this cover. More MAS grey. Did I mention MAS Grey?

    • AJ says:

      ^^^this, make more stuff in MAS Grey please!!

      • Bill says:

        Did some mention MAS Grey, my favorite non-color? When will it become the new coyote, which was the new OD, which was the new black?

  11. bluenoser says:

    This has been interesting to watch.

  12. matty says:

    So much delicious popcorn. This is why I come to the comments.

  13. Jasper Conway says:

    From the ODG website: “Manufactured by our good friends at London Bridge Trading Company, you can rest assured you are getting a great piece of gear designed and built right in here in the USA.”

    Lol. Might wanna change that now.

  14. war13usaf says:

    #FreeEnterprise #ImJustHereforthepopcorn

  15. T says:

    Damn, LBX went and broke the internet 🙂 Do you make this cover in mulitcamwoodlandwolf pattern?