Will Petty Joins 88 Tactical Cadre

Tekamah, NE–31 AUG 15–88 Tactical Group

88 Tactical, a Nebraska based training organization, is proud to announce the addition of Mr. Will Petty to the ranks of its nationally recognized instructor cadre. Petty, a longtime Law Enforcement Officer, has served both in patrol and a number of specialized assignments. Petty will be conducting courses not just at 88 Tactical’s range and lodge facility but elsewhere across the country and abroad. Most will be focused on (though not limited to) the unique challenges of Vehicle Close Quarters Battle — shooting in, around or through vehicles, including low- and no-light classes and instructor development programs like the one he recently established for the NYPD.

Says 88 Tactical’s Founder and HMFIC Shea Degan, “Since Thrasher (88 Tactical COO and serving 18Z Trevor Thrasher) and I first began our program we’ve worked to ensure everything we do is reality- and behavior based. All our classes, in fact our entire instructional ethos, is predicated on adrenalized, asymmetrical scenarios. William’s emphasis on contextual reality is a perfect extension of this. Nothing Will teaches is ‘square range based.’ He despises range lore for the institutional tradition it is. We are [expletive deleted] excited to have him.”

Petty began his LE career in New Mexico, eventually moving to Texas and spent 2-years on contract with the Critical National Infrastructure Authority in Abu Dhabi as a Counter Terrorism instructor for certain specialized units of the United Arab Emirates and other places. He’s been a rangemaster, defensive tactics instructor, ERT member and departmental competition shooting team member. Petty, who remains a Texas Tactical Police Officers Association instructor and serving reserve officer, joins an all-star roster of notable and internationally experienced instructors. Among them are former SF medic, combat diver and PSC contractor Nick Nowatney, former FBI Hostage Rescue Team Leader and DoJ Counter Terror expert Mike Sackett, veteran LEO and former counter-piracy PSC contractor Tim Fullmer, USAF SERE legend and Midwest School of Bushcraft Terry Barney and many more.

You can take a look at some of what Petty will be instructing for 88 Tactical here in this video trailer:


10 Responses to “Will Petty Joins 88 Tactical Cadre”

  1. jbgleason says:

    I just can’t get past that Temple Index. It looks wrong no matter what justifications people throw out there.

  2. Kurt says:

    Temple Index will fade away as have the other retarded “I created something new” techniques.

    Interesting video clip, except at 1:53 when the student is blindly firing thru the tinted windows of the vehicle. There is ZERO chance he has a target in his sights, or can identify a clear background, he’s just slapping away at the trigger. Just the concept of fighting around vehicles and tinted tempered glass needs its own explanation time. Its a complex problem, and probably shouldn’t be shown in the initial “hey buy my video” promo. Our students emulate what they see. When the brain has no answer to a problem we humans resort back to something we have visually acquired, and thats not always the right answer.

    • Jim D says:

      He’s far from an “inventor” of it, and numerous units have been using it operationally for a long time. You don’t have to like it, or even use it, but your opinion/criticism doesn’t invalidate the history or actual use of it.

  3. ODG says:

    William is a class act, a fantastic instructor and the course material was an eye opener. The 88 Tactical crew set the bar high for professionalism, and as always it was a riot to hang with the Breach Bang Clear crew. All things considered it was a perfect storm of some of the industry’s finest captured by the talented eye of Matt Stagliano of Fire Lance Media. If you can get out to this class its well worth the time and money, and if you can’t be sure to down load a copy of the video streaming off of the Vimeo site when its released, I promise you won’t be disappointed, we certainly weren’t.

  4. Adam says:

    So does this mean he’s no longer with the beard, or did he just add another hat to his hat rack?