Mexico Marines Have Selected US4CES Transitional Camo; Have Renamed The Pattern Marina Trans Jungle


Hyperstealth has announced that the Naval Infantry of Mexico has selected the US4CES Transitional camo pattern for their uniforms, and have renamed the pattern Marina Trans Jungle. Objective tests were performed in three environments, Lowland Forest in Michoacan, Lowland Scrub Desert in Sinaloa, and Riparian Forest in Coahuila, which pitted the US4CES Transitional pattern against the current Digital Woodland pattern used by the Mexican Marines.

In all three environments, it took observers an overall longer period of time to locate the US4CES pattern than the currently fielded Woodland pattern. A second comparison was conducted, comparing the US4CES pattern to MultiCam in the same environments, again with the US4CES pattern taking an overall longer period of time to locate within the environments.

You can read the full release at

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61 Responses to “Mexico Marines Have Selected US4CES Transitional Camo; Have Renamed The Pattern Marina Trans Jungle”

  1. Mike says:

    The U.S. could’ve had this. But the Army waited to long and went the wrong way.

    • Uniform223 says:

      most people would say OCP is a step in the right direction…

    • James Irwin says:

      Says who?

      Guy/Hyperstealth had his chance but failed to meet the US Army new transitional Camo requirements during extensive tests and pattern selection. You think US Army selected Multicam/OCP/Scorpion pattern over others just because they found Caleb and Greg better looking?

      I personally had enough of Guy’s self promotion on Mil/Tac forums over the last few years which was nothing more than shameless bagging of other currently used and effective patterns over his.

      Good luck.

      • D.B. says:


        This latest Mexican business may shut his mouth at least for a while.

      • Lasse says:

        They probably found that Scorpion that they own is cheaper than paying who ever else (including Crye) for their submissions…

        • Mike says:

          Actually the army went with scorpion because they didn’t get the rights to multicam. It looks similar but is a little more faded.

          • James Irwin says:

            Original Scorpion pattern (W1) is Multicam. The reason it appears a little faded is due to Para-aramid and Rayon FRACUs are made of reacts to a print dye different than NyCo.

            • CAVstrong says:

              No Multicam was developed from Scorpion W1. They are distinct and different patterns.

              • D.B. says:

                No they aren’t. Scorpion W1 IS Multicam. You’re confusing the W1 with W2 patterns.
                I own both the Crye combats in Multicam and the US Army FRACU in Scorpion W1. The pattern is identical.

                • Ab5olut3zero says:

                  Not according to CRYE who developed both of the patterns. Similar, yes. Identical, no.

        • James Irwin says:

          I was referring to original Scorpion which Natick co-developed with Crye in 2010. US Army never had full rights to it.
          Army however owns outright the Scorpion W2 which is now known as OCP and replaces both UCP and Scorpion W1 patterns.

          • SSD says:

            Not exactly true. The Army continues to pay license fees to Crye Precision for the use of OCP.

            • James Irwin says:

              Not trying to diss you or anything but I’m not sure what you said is correct.

            • Historia says:

              Which continue to baffle me, still happy to have OCP, but still confused why not multicam, I assume the license fee is less for OCP?

              • SSD says:

                The Army’s intent was to pay no fee at all and expended a lot of resources to get around Crye’s IP.

          • TM says:

            In 2010 or circa 2004?

            • G. Ludlow says:

              The development started in ’04, with full finished Multicam/Scorpion pattern printed FRACUs issued late ’09, beginning of 2010.

        • Paralus says:

          or Big Army panicked and canned the Phase IV test before picking a winner, then pulled out an earlier version of MC, Scorpion, without doing any testing against any of the Phase IV finalists.

          and now we’re stuck with Scorpion/MC/OCP as a universal camo that doesn’t work well in temperate green zone. It sort of works in and really excels in transitional, but we don’t know what it looks like versus the Phase IV finalists patterns.

          It’d be one thing Crye had one the Phase IV and the Army picked it because it was the indeed the best, but we have no research that this is the case.

          All we have is a lot of Big Army.

          Is OCP better than UCP? Sure, but that is like getting in foot-race with someone who has no legs.

          isn’t exactly a measure of success

      • Paralus says:

        jesus, not this shit again.

        No, Hyperstealth did not fail,

        Big Army decided to pull the plug on the competition and selected Scorpion/OCP instead without any testing or evidence to show that Scorpion/OCP was better than the four Phase IV finalists.

        this blog has an extensive history of the Came Wars… some research.

    • Matt says:

      I like US4CES and was half keeping a watch on the Army Phase IV test on Hyperstealth. I thought it was cool how it way outperformed multicam in day and night. I read a month ago that the US didn’t choose US4CES because it had to do with the number of foreign worker requirements that the US had and Hyperstealth didn’t meet?? I tried to find the article but couldn’t. It just seems strange for the US to not have picked the much superior US4CES. Unless the powers that be didn’t want our guys to have the best on purpose… The current UCP made them nothing but bright glowing targets. It doesn’t make sense so I’m sure money in certain peoples pocket had a lot to do with it.

      • Bill says:

        Was it actually much superior or just more superior according to Guy Kramer and his psuado science filter?

        The guy would make a case for the health benefits of Radiation poising with some carefully staged photos and some meaningless inappropriate use of bar graphs.

      • Gary says:

        Matt, where did you get that data – off Guy Cramer’s own Web site and hundreds of heavily biased write-ups he published over last few years on the topic or an independent testing bodies?

        The fact is – Army ran a series of tests in different phases. Multicam/OCP won Cramer lost. End of story. All the subsequent Multicam-bashing posts and long “scientific” PDF documents he created were after he found out his patterns weren’t selected, not even as a final selection pool.

        And as far as the reasoning US4CES was shunned in favor of Multicam/OCP being “number of foreign worker requirements” is just a load of bull Guy came up with to defend his loss.

        • St says:

          I thought the Phase IV just ended with no winner and the U.S. Army went another way. If Crye won the U.S. Army would have the rights to the three patterns from Crye and those 3 variations (Arid, Transitional, Woodland variants) would be making there way to soldiers. …….

          But there not………….

          • Gary says:

            It was a little bit more complex than that. The deal broke around licencing fees and financial negotiations between Crye and the Army.

            And I’m not talking about the latest Scorpion W2 (which is still a Multicam pattern derivative and not US4CES), but the original Scorpion W1, which has been in use by US Army on their flame resistant combat uniforms in ME from 2010.

          • SSD says:

            You thought right

        • Paralus says:

          No, Gary, MC/Scorpion/OCP didn’t win.

          Big Army pulled the plug on the Phase IV contest without ever releasing any information that MC/Scorpion/OCP was better.

          do the research…’s been on this blog for years.

  2. Kaos-1 says:

    Gotta love Photoshop

  3. Joe says:

    She looks about 4.5ft tall

  4. eric the red says:

    Guy Cramer knows his stuff.

  5. Steven S says:

    They also have the rights to pretty much every other variant of US4CES as well.
    So if you wanted to buy any Charlie versions directly from Hyperstealth, it’s too late now.

    On the bright side, US4CES Transitional is bound to pop on ebay eventually, though it may cost quite a bit.

    • Matt says:

      As of 2 days ago Guy from Hyperstealth said he was waiting on word from the Mexican Admiralty as to if the Charlie could still be sold. No answer yet.

      • Matt says:

        Here is Guy’s comment on buying Charlie fabric “Mexico has the Exclusive License for all US4CES color schemes in the original Alpha series (which includes Woodland and Arid) as well as all the newer Bravo series. We are checking with the Admiralty today about the Charlie series.”

  6. elliot says:

    Bad photoshop is bad.

    Good looking camo, though!

  7. Brian says:

    Does it use the same colors as Multicam?

  8. Dellis says:

    Wait……Mexico has Marines?

  9. Uniform223 says:

    now the waiting game for Mr. Cramer to call his stuff the absolute best and make this a victory…

  10. Jon, OPT says:

    Ooh look, that new M16Ahuge!

  11. Norbis says:

    I’m happy to be out of UCP even if it isn’t MC. For no specific reason, I hoped this (US4CES) was the pattern the U.S. Army selected. I also thought it was the one that would most likely be selected It seemed like from what I could tell in pictures, it worked as a family of patterns very well, whereas other patterns looked like they just re colored their existing patterns as an after thought.

  12. I know says:

    You’re all wrong the government gave it to the person who produced for the cheapest priced there’s other Cambell out there that are far more superior in the niche market so drink Kool Aid if you want the Army is just prone to making s***** decisions about camo selections I mean they screwed cry multicam out of the contract call that s*** something else

  13. tazman66gt says:

    Shouldn’t it be called MEX4CES instead of US4CES?

  14. aussiejim says:

    Well the mexicans now have better camouflage than the states. And they could have had it too. while the new OCP is alright great compared to UCP.The US4CES is still a better family of camouflage.

    • babola says:

      Here we go again…another uneducated guess by an armchair commentator.

      • aussiejim says:

        Ok professor, since your educated enough to call others uneducated.Where does multicam scorpian or standard work well? too light for jungle to light for forest, to green for arid desert, doesn’t work great in urban. works great in most areas of Afghanistan when i was pattern is never going to work great you need a few different ones. Now educate me on my job professor

        • aussiejim says:

          And there is a reason why even crye who make multicam now have a family of tropical, arid and alpine to add to it.

        • "Bob" says:

          “Jungle” and “Forest” are very vague terms… it works.

          • aussiejim says:

            never said it didn’t work. just said that the US4CES is better. Multicam was designed to work average to good in a vast array of environments.Not great in each one so there will always be better camo for specific areas. why most camouflage makers make a family of colour variations. multicam being a transition one

  15. STEPAN1983 says:

    Where can I read a real scientific non-biased non-bullshit article about advantages of Multicam?