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AUSA – Close Up of National Molding’s Rigid Plate Carrier PALS Compatible Sleeve

After we mentioned the National Molding Rigid Plate Carrier during Modern Day Marine, several readers were dismayed that they wouldn’t be able to carry any additional equipment on the carrier. National Moldong long ago worked this one out and originally had a very simple laser cut, bikini-style band made from Trelleborg fabric that fit around the RPC. Interstingly, the feedback they received from government customers was to go back to a tried and true Cordura and webbing PALS solution.







12 Responses to “AUSA – Close Up of National Molding’s Rigid Plate Carrier PALS Compatible Sleeve”

  1. Matt says:

    Very interesting. I’m having a little trouble seeing what the real difference between that and a regular plate carrier though. I like the national molding product but once you cover it up doesn’t it turn into the same thing as a regular plate carrier?

    • mark says:

      I’m curious to see how it develops, but one potential benefit I see is that the rigid plastic shell could help protect the ceramic plates from bumps, drops, and impact. Sort of like an Iphone case.

      • Jack Griffin says:

        I’ve seen guys use strips of pipe insulation on the top and bottom edges on their plates to keep them from getting too beat up (as well as beating them up, in some cases). Works okay depending on the plate carrier pocket fit.

        This particular QR mechanism appears to eat up a lot of that prime mag/radio real estate. Seems like you’d need some type of overwrap cummerbund to get the same basic load functionality of, say, a First Spear TUBES system.

        Also… it’s 2015… laser cut Hypalon, people. This 2004-lookin’ MOLLE is weak.

  2. steave says:

    Its like one of those wierd animals species on the evolutionary tree that just goes extinct- please let me wear those stiched edges of the nylon cover against my body.
    Stick to moulding fastex buckles

    • Erin says:

      I agree it would be a nightmare for those that have issues with runners nipple. But really, even the bad ideas are a good thing to put out there and let the target market test. Even the worst ideas sometimes have a nugget of good idea to use elsewhere.

  3. CRH says:

    All I see is a Plate frame rip off that isn’t that well executed at all.