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Spanish Pixelated Camo

In the past, it has been suggested by us, as well as others that the Spanish Camo patterns appear to be quite MultiCamesque.  While this may be true, when you get up on them, they are pixelated and the Spanish even call them ‘digitized.’  I just didn’t realize how square the edges were until now.


14 Responses to “Spanish Pixelated Camo”

  1. WagenCav says:

    Colors seem nice enough for the Army to procure “appropriate rights” to so that they can begin printing our arid and woodland bookends on OCP ScorpionW2 screens.

  2. D.B. says:

    Funny how close that woodland camo on the right resembles my spare issued UCP ACUs I dyed in Rit Taupe clothes dye. Almost identical.

    I like my set now even more 😉

  3. Mohican says:

    It is said those that designed this pattern copied it from Multicam and then changed colors and squared the shapes.

    • SSD says:

      You can see it. Especially when you are far enough away that the shapes lose their square edges.

    • Jon Meyer says:

      Too ad they didn’t include the depth perception nor the shade-shifting/gradients. Could have been decent.

  4. kit crazy says:

    Are you sure the one on the right is Spanish woodland?

  5. CAVstrong says:

    Can the US get bookends now please?
    Thank you.

  6. Matt says:

    Desert Storm+MultiCam+ACU=This monstrosity.

    • Gary says:

      It was like…”son go and see what’s hot these days out there and come back to us with some options”

      And this above, is what the boy came up with.

  7. Steven S says:

    Reducing the sampling/resolution of the pattern does not improve the performance of it. This Spanish camouflage pattern is just using pixilation for looks, and probably to avoid lawsuits.

    Btw, that smoothing effect you guys are seeing, is due to our vision/perception.
    Here is another example of the effect:


    This image shows the pattern variations of the previous image, but all are resized to the same size.