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Polartec To Move Massachusetts Manufacturing To Tennessee

According to a report in the Eagle Tribune, Lawerence Mass Mayor Daniel Rivera claims that Polartec, a leading supplier of US made fabrics for the US military, plans to move 200 manufacturing jobs to Tennessee over the next 18 months.

Last September, Polartec purchased Polartec United Knitting, L.P., located in Cleveland, Tennessee. Mayor Rivera says most of the jobs would move to this facility from Lawrence, long a bastion of the American Textile industry.  Reportedly, the Polartec headquarters will remain in Lawrence.

Fortunately, these jobs aren’t going away completely and Polartec will continue to mill fabric.  I’d just like to see some more use of Neoshell.  


7 Responses to “Polartec To Move Massachusetts Manufacturing To Tennessee”

  1. BS says:

    Heard some bad news about quality of Neoshell fabric in some batches. Can you confirm it?

  2. tazman66gt says:

    Maybe they are tired of the Mass. government shitting on the firearms industry. Didn’t Beretta just move most of their manufacturing to TN?

  3. z0phi3l says:

    Pretty soon we’ll have to rename the US, the south will be Freedomland, and the north can be Libtardia or Sheepville

    Same is happening here in CT, all but Colt are looking at bailing from this clusterfuck of libtard nonsense to the sanity of the south

  4. Frank says:

    That’s how it works, vote with your feet and wallet. Taxes too high in your Socialist state? Move to the south!

    • reverend says:

      Unfortunately, some bring the prevailing attitude of “We’re right, you’re wrong.” with them to the South. Even though our states aren’t jacking their wallets, or freedoms. Just sayin’.

      • Jon says:

        That’s what’s happened in NH… The Massholes have moved here, and TRIED to bring their attitudes about guns and freedom. It’s not catching thankfully.

  5. DC says:

    Mass sucks. I had to hear a gun store owner talk an elderly couple out of buying a firearm to protect themselves.