Morgan Advanced Materials Launches Ultra-Lightweight Hybrid Composite Military Helmet Range


Morgan Advanced Materials, a world leader in the application of advanced composite material technology, has unveiled its newest range of lightweight combat helmets, the LASA AC914 and AC915.

The LASA AC914 and LASA AC915 draw upon the expertise of the Composite and Defence business of Morgan Advanced Materials. Morgan has a wealth of experience in composite materials and an established pedigree within the military and law enforcement sectors, having sold in excess of one million helmets worldwide. The helmets’ revolutionary designs deliver outstanding ballistic performance and comfort to the wearer. Made using a hybrid of composite materials and incorporating Morgan’s proprietary technology, the helmets’ shells are approximately 30% lighter than previous generation technology and deliver outstanding protection against ballistic threats, fragments and blunt trauma.

LASA AC915 front 45 degrees blue

In full compliance with NIJ 0101.06 level IIIA, the LASA AC914 and AC915 offer an unparalleled level of protection against blunt trauma and 9mm rounds, maximising user safety in combat situations. The high-cut LASA AC915 weighs little more than 1kg and allows for greater situational awareness, making it ideal for special operations. Similarly, the AC914, with its full-cut design for combat operations, offers unparalleled ballistic and blunt trauma protection – particularly impressive given that it weighs a mere 1.2kg (2.6lb). In both instances, the AC914 and AC915 offer exceptional levels of fragmentation protection and come with optional visor and mandible guard to provide greater high impact protection for the eyes and face.

Available in a variety of configurations, the LASA AC914 and AC915 are compatible with in-service equipment including night vision goggles as well as an array of other accessories. While the helmets have been designed to offer the greatest levels of protection, the configurable suspension systems also deliver optimum levels of user comfort.

Duncan Eldridge, President of Morgan Advanced Materials – Composites and Defence Systems, explained: “we are delighted to launch the LASA AC915 and AC914 helmets, the helmets are a result of three years of materials and product development, which have also been applied to our next generation helmet for Canada. Our expert knowledge in composite materials and application has once again allowed us to create a range of helmets that offer a level of protection at a weight beyond that typically afforded by standard ultra-lightweight helmet solutions.

For further information please visit Morgan Advanced Materials – LASA Soldier Systems


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  1. Jim says:

    Closer and closer to looking like Stormtroopers… Still, I like them. They’ll never make it to the grunts like me, but I’m sure the Rangers/SOF will be delighted.

  2. Bobby Davro says:

    U.K issue mk7 profile with different composite construction

  3. ACME Inc says:

    My name is Gladiator