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Ann Arbor Arms Launches New Training Academy and Welcomes Tatiana Whitlock as New Program Director

Ann Arbor Arms (A3) is pleased to announce the formation and launch of Ann Arbor Arms Academy (A4) and Tatiana Whitlock who has joined the company as Director of Training and Development.


A3 opened the doors of its new cutting edge facility located at 45 Metty Drive in Ann Arbor on July 25th of this year. With the formation of Ann Arbor Arms Academy the company now offers their clientele a complete package from retail, to range to training all under one roof. “Providing our customers with best equipment, exceptional range experience and highest quality training opportunities is our mission” says Bill Pinon, owner of Ann Arbor Arms. The addition of A4 is the final facet of the company’s three tiered program completing the Ann Arbor Arms initial mission. The Academy takes full advantage of the state of the art Action Target all-wheel drive tactical range.

Ann Arbor Arms Academy is focused on providing the most up-to-date and contemporary training programs for firearms, safety, survival, and self-defense. Catering to all skill levels from the extreme novice to the seasoned enthusiast, A4 will offer programs for the beginner/foundational, intermediate, and advanced skill levels. Leading the program as Director of Training and Development is NRA Women’s Network Spokeswoman, Tatiana Whitlock. Owner Holli Pinon says, “Tatiana is an outstanding match for our organization. She brings professionalism and energy to our team and understands our clients and the training experience they are looking for.”

Tatiana is a mother of two from Portland, Maine who joined the firearms community five years ago. Her initial interest in shooting as a hobby quickly transformed to a career path when she left corporate America to become a nationally recognized firearms instructor. Tatiana is an NRA Women’s Network spokeswoman, a Pantaeo Productions instructor, is featured on Trigger Time TV, and travels the country teaching and speaking about firearms and defense training. Tatiana is also a contributing author for Recoil Magazine, American Shooting Journal, and Be Ready Magazine on the topics of concealed carry and personal protection. “I am honored to join the Ann Arbor Arms family and very excited to offer the community a fresh, no-frills, and fun training experience! Training for the real world and for my real life is my passion. No matter where you are in your learning process we are here to take you the next step,” says Whitlock.

Ann Arbor Arms Academy’s course schedule for 2016 will be announced in mid-January. Whitlock and the A4 Cadre of instructors offer a core program and will host top name instructors such as Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts, Dave Spaulding of Handgun Combatives, and more to be announced next month. With a lineup of heavy hitting and renowned instructors, A4 is primed to be a destination training location unlike anything in the area. For more information on programs and instructors at A4 visit the company online at www.annarborarms.com.

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9 Responses to “Ann Arbor Arms Launches New Training Academy and Welcomes Tatiana Whitlock as New Program Director”

  1. Dellis says:

    I’m gonna go ahead and get this out of the way….Tatiana, good looking mom/operator!


  2. FS says:

    Congrats Tatiana!

  3. elmer says:

    The new store is awesome. Too bad they suck! Bought my suppressor from them and they completely botched it…..had my completed form 4 back from the ATF for a month before I decided to call and check with the ATF. Good thing as they would probably still have it. That’s bad when a federal agency is more on the ball!