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SIG SAUER Releases SIG MPX Carbine In 9mm


NEWINGTON, N.H. (January 13, 2016) — SIG SAUER, Inc., changed the way the world looked at the subgun with the introduction of the SIG MPX, and now that same innovative technology is available to the consumer market in the semi-automatic SIG MPX Carbine.

The modular 9mm SIG MPX Carbine maintains all of the ergonomic superiority of the short-barrel rifle and pistol variants, but now with a 16″ hammer-forged barrel. A full-length aluminum KeyMod handguard provides ample room for mounting lights, lasers and grips.

“For those who want the full feature set of the SIG MPX, but don’t want a short-barrel rifle or live in a state with restricted access, the SIG MPX Carbine is a great choice,” said John Brasseur, Director of Product Management for SIG SAUER, Inc. “Later, if the operator decides to SBR the Carbine, it’s a simple change with a conversion kit.”

Completely ambidextrous, the SIG MPX Carbine is great for left- or right-handed operators with its dual-sided selector switch, magazine release, charging handle and bolt release. The three-position collapsing stock features integrated QD sling cups for fast and easy sling attachments.

The SIG MPX Carbine operates from a fully closed bolt, and the locking rotating bolt system offers enhanced reliability and safety in use. A short-stroke gas piston with auto-regulating gas valve allows the SIG MPX Carbine to run all weights and brands of 9mm ammunition, from low-power training loads to +P duty ammo. No adjustments are needed to maintain rock-solid reliability.

Familiar AR-pattern controls and ergonomics reduce the training curve and are instinctive for anyone experienced with the AR system. A full-length picatinny rail allows for solid, consistent mounting of optics and targeting lasers. SIG SAUER® folding iron sights come standard.

The SIG MPX Carbine is completely modular, and handguards and barrel lengths can be quickly changed over in the field. The barrel comes with the SIG three-prong flash hider.

For more information, please visit us at www.sigsauer.com.


5 Responses to “SIG SAUER Releases SIG MPX Carbine In 9mm”

  1. reverend says:

    Keep in mind, 9MM velocities coming out of a 16″ bbl are about .357 velocities out of a 4″ to 6″ bbl depending on ammo.

    That’s kinda hot.

  2. Jack Griffin says:

    They’re gonna sell every single unit for years.

    Those $65 proprietary mags are kind of an issue, though.

    That and the Gen1 buyers learned a valuable lessons about buying Gen1.

  3. Dellis says:

    “Far out man!” – John Denver

  4. xpoqx says:

    I like they way they cleverly disguised the BATFE compliant barrel, it almost looks normal. Either way Sig Sauer defiantly came up with better way to be complaint than just extending the barrel to to proper length like FNH did on the PS90.