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High Speed Gear Announces TACO LT and Slotted Battle Belt Lines for SHOT Show

SWANSBORO, North Carolina – Jan. 14, 2016 – High Speed Gear® has a history of producing some of the most versatile tactical pouches and platforms in the industry. A proven performer, HSGI® continues to show tremendous popularity in the law enforcement and military markets worldwide. Our lengthy list of top tier operators includes U.S. and allied special forces, state and local tactical units, and hundreds of federal agencies.

In keeping with that standard, and from popular demand, High Speed Gear® is proud to expand its TACO® and battle belt families with the new TACO® LT and slotted battle belt lines. These lines feature our three top-selling TACOs®, including the Pistol TACO® and Double Decker TACO®, and slotted versions of our popular Slim-Grip™ and Sure-Grip® Padded Belts.

The TACO® LT, Pistol TACO® LT and Double Decker TACO® LT function like the traditional TACO pouches, but weigh 30% less with our new injection-molded polymer brackets and improved Cordura® laminate. The MOLLE versions take advantage of our resilient and light new vinyl MOLLE backers, while the belt mounted versions use a loop of Velcro® One-Wrap®. These pouches have been tested by law enforcement professionals and special operators alike and have proven to be as durable as the originals. Additionally, these pouches are much more flexible than the standard TACO® line, able to easily twist, bend and collapse without losing shape or breaking.

Our new, slotted, padded-belt systems are the next generation of the HSGI® padded-belt family. They maintain all the durability and versatility of the standard Slim-Grip™ and Sure-Grip®, but add more options for users. Through their paneled design, the wearer can attach both MOLLE and belt-mounted pouches, holsters and drop platforms to these padded belts. The design allows the user to either wear it as a full MOLLE system or weave the inner belt in and out of the panels to expose both belt and MOLLE attachment points. Additionally, the Slim-Grip™ – Slotted now features uniloops like our Sure-Grip® for use with our High Speed Low Drag Suspenders or other similar tactical suspenders.

The TACO® LT line, Slim-Grip™ Padded Belt – Slotted and Sure-Grip® Padded Belt – Slotted are available now.

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7 Responses to “High Speed Gear Announces TACO LT and Slotted Battle Belt Lines for SHOT Show”

  1. Farragut Jones says:

    I’m sure their IP lawyer is very happy with this press release. Though it looks like they missed one. . . .

  2. Jack Griffin says:

    That backing is awesome = somebody finally listened.

    Original TACO attachment = the struggle was real, the cursing was plenty.

    Thanks, HSGI.

  3. Jon, OPT says:

    With one design change, thousands of users now have so much more room in their schedule for activities… Well done HSGI!

  4. Casey says:

    The Slim Grip belt looks like a nice alternative to the original SGPB. I don’t understand using two rows of PALS webbing stacked directly on top of each other, though. Seems like the lack of spacing prevents the end user from being able to weave an attachment strap through the belt, then through the pouch, then back through the belt, then back through the pouch. If one was trying to save vertical space, wouldn’t it make more sense to use two thinner, properly spaced rows of PALS webbing like the Tyr Gunfighter or Ronin Tactics belts? That would allow the user to weave their attachment straps properly, which translates to a more stable mounting of pouches. Am I missing something?

    • Agarie says:

      Same question here.

      • Bobby Davro says:

        If they’d have done that it would be a carbon copy of the TYR belt not much innovation here

        • Casey says:

          I don’t think properly spaced PALS webbing really equates with a lack of innovation. One could also say that using split panels is just a carbon copy of the VTAC Brokos or the Velocity Systems OUB, but there are only so many ways to skin a cat, and the HSGI offering is unique enough with its anti-slip liner.