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It’s Raining Magazines! Magpul’s Magazine Monday


Magpul announces PMAG 21 GL9, PMAG 27 GL9, PMAG 20 AK/AKM MOE & PMAG 30 AK74 MOE.


5 Responses to “It’s Raining Magazines! Magpul’s Magazine Monday”

  1. Diddler says:

    Really want the 21 rounders.

  2. Marcus says:

    I’m a simple guy and will be happy when one day they restock the 5.56 10 rounders.

  3. Cuvie says:

    Do the AK74 PMAGs have steel inserts?

  4. Texas-Roll-Over says:

    Magpul has better plastic durometer than the other plastic mags on the market for the ak74 platform. Hell the durometer of their plastic in general is better; more wear restant and not as brittle as other manufacturer in my experience.

    I would also like to have seen a metal insert, but ill still be buying a few.