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Reebok and the Makers of GORE-TEX Fabric Have Reinvented the Hot Weather Boot

Manufacturers of quality military and tactical footwear and exclusive licensee for Reebok military and tactical boots, and W. L. Gore & Associates, inventor of GORE-TEX® fabric, recently announced a new line of waterproof military and tactical footwear for hot weather, the Reebok KRIOS Series.   
Made in the U.S.A., the new Reebok KRIOS is the only tactical boot that keeps feet cool and comfortable in hot environments and dry in wet conditions. 

“This is a new GORE-TEX® footwear technology from Gore,” says Bill Candy, Product Manager at Gore. “GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort Technology provides unrivaled breathability in hot weather and has been proven in lab tests to keep feet cool and comfortable in hot weather.”

“We’ve been collaborating for years with Gore to develop and test this product,” says John Duvic, Warson Brands Corporate VP of Product Development. “Our goal was to construct a waterproof, lightweight boot that is comfortable in hot conditions and strong enough for heavy duty use; the Reebok KRIOS achieves that goal.”  

Fused protective layers reduce bulk, minimize absorption, and dry quickly, preventing added weight in wet conditions. The KRIOS’S construction results in a boot that absorbs 90% less water when compared to non-waterproof boots.

The KRIOS is built to thrive under the harshest conditions demanded by military and tactical duty professionals. The MeraMAX® outsole provides four times the abrasion resistance of rubber. This, plus a rugged nylon and leather outer shell, and GORE-TEX® exoskeleton, means every layer of the KRIOS is built to last.  

The new Reebok KRIOS Series is available in an 8-inch mil-spec boot in desert tan, black, sage green, and coyote. Features include a speed lacing system and electrical hazard protection.  

Reebok military and tactical footwear is available now through select duty uniform retailers throughout the United States. For more information about the Reebok KRIOS, visit

Bill Mills, President, Jim Maritz, CEO, and Warson Brands sales and product development teams will be available at SHOT Show booth 10179 in Las Vegas Jan. 19-22 to demonstrate the KRIOS and answer any questions.

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7 Responses to “Reebok and the Makers of GORE-TEX Fabric Have Reinvented the Hot Weather Boot”

  1. SloppyJoe says:

    What’s the weight on these? Couldn’t find the spec at or

  2. reece says:

    when can i get my hands on a set?

  3. MED says:

    Finally. I’ve been frustrated about that.

  4. Lasse says:

    What does “unrivaled breathability in hot weather” mean? Is this compared to a normal PTFE based boots or just normal boots?
    I am very skeptical to anything membrane in hot weather, simply because I’ve never seen anything breathe good enough, for any environment.

  5. Redbeard33 says:

    Goretex in footwear means wet feet. Every time. Wet feet means cold feet.

    • elliot says:

      Yup. Snow is the only time I will wear Gortex ever again. Extra socks in a waterproof bag ftw.