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SHOT Show – Balor Mount by Raven Concealment Systems


Designed to fit any 9mm or .40 double stack GLOCK, the Balor is a two-piece design that requires no gunsmithing or alteration of your slide other than removing the rear sight and backplate.


One component slides into the rear sight dovetail and the other takes the place of the factory backplate. Once emplaced, the two components are automatically centered in order to bolt together. The result is a strong clamp-like effect on the slide. Steel construction means that it won’t fall apart through thousands of rounds.


Another really cool feature is that it incorporates back up iron sights across the mount itself. The rear is a line that can be filled in by the user and the front is a GLOCK sight.


Available for the Aimpoint T-1 and Trijicon RMR. Shipping 1 May.


7 Responses to “SHOT Show – Balor Mount by Raven Concealment Systems”

  1. roy says:

    The mount looks reasonably well thought out and while the T1 is quite robust on carbines, the failure rate of T1’s attached to slides is unacceptably high. Many users cannot get more than a thousand rounds before the T1 fails.

    I have a T1 in an ALG mount over my Gen3 17 rtf2, carried in an OTG holster with WOTG mount. I could not be happier with that set up.

    • FrontDeskFocus says:

      Funny, the only failure I’ve heard of on a slide-mounted T1 was the illumination adjustment knob getting banged around so much it started to spin freely. Seems like the sub-thousand round failures you’ve seen can likely be linked to a sub-par mounting, likely without a pillar, as is the case with most low-round-count RMR failures.

  2. d says:

    Dig it.

  3. Agent K says:

    Any word on price?

  4. Mohican says:

    I hope they deliver to Spainistan. That mount would solve a lot of problems and save a lot of money.

  5. Stever says:

    There should be a very large market for this. I am excited to test.