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SHOT Show – S&S Precision PlateFrame Gen II


S&S Precision has developed a second generation of the PlateFrame. It is injection molded which brings in some additional features and will also lower production costs. The new system also means that as you change plates, all you’ll need to do is change out the clips that hold it in place.


They’ve also added a new quick connection point at the shoulders and a stiffened cummerbund.


The new Modular Back Panel can be removed for a quick swap of loads.


To do so, you open the levers to change the panel out. Simply put it in place and close the levers to secure the panel.


Look for it hitting the market third quarter 2016.



18 Responses to “SHOT Show – S&S Precision PlateFrame Gen II”

  1. d says:

    I wasn’t initially a fan of the PlateFrame, but it’s growing on me.

  2. tcba_joe says:

    Neat! The biggest legit complaint about the plateframe has always been it’s plate-proprietary nature.

    Is it as light and low-profile as the Gen 1? Hopefully the reduce production costs result in lower product cost.

  3. mike says:

    Now THIS is a carrier I can stock! The Plate Frame is an awesome carrier, but the plate-specific nature has made is essentially unstockable at the retail level. This changes everything…!

  4. FLC says:

    can you get a secure weld between your shoulder and the buttstock of a rifle with those buckles there? Honestly just asking…

  5. xpoqx says:

    How does this does this thing preform when it actually has to stop a round? Not trying to throw shade at the manufactuer or the product but I have never understood how it’s supposed to mitigate spaulding in the unfortunate event the system was used for it’s entended purpose.

  6. AbnMedOps says:

    Interesting. Does all that plastic make a clinky-clunky sound when it bumps into stuff?

    • Riceball says:

      My guess would be that they’re using a somewhat softer type of plastic so it flexes more, is less brittle, and is quiteter. But that’s just my guess.

  7. dbg says:

    It looks as though they still haven’t added some degree of elasticity to the cummerbund. That’s my biggest gripe about the first plate frame, I love how little water it held but the circumference difference on my torso with a lungful of air and without had it riding badly. It always seemed to be too loose or too tight, and this got even worse as you took layers on or off. The Velcro mating surfaces on the front of the cummerbund don’t exactly allow a lot of adjustment without sacrificing retention of a loaded plate frame. Slap a stretchy cummerbund on that b***h!

    • S&S Precision says:

      There is elasticity designed into the back plate frame via shock cord it is simply hidden from plain sight to reduce the chances of snag. The “L” shape through holes located above and below the cummerbund serve as the track for the shock cord as seen in the last image.

  8. mallninja says:

    unless engineering

  9. Bobby Davro says:

    Can see a place for this in swat/police but too much plastic clunking around doesn’t do much for stealth and I don’t think dust or sand will be this guys friend

  10. JR says:

    While this carrier looks much cooler and futuristic then the original, I think it is much less practical. I am calling bullsh*t on the fact that this will be cheaper. While they will save money on only producing one model that will fit a wide range of plates, they are spending a lot more on material. This carrier also looks significantly heavier then the original as well as many fabric carriers. I also don’t like how elevated the pouches are off the plate (it looks like I could fit another mag in between them). I am definitely not a fan of those aluminum buckles. I like the fact that they are trying to make a general public friendly carrier, but they are removing all the practical features which made me buy the original one.