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SHOT Show – Kel-Tec


For SHOT, Kel-Tec revealed a new variation of the KSG shotgun. Dubbed the KSG-NR, this new shotgun features a reduced capacity of five 2 3/4″ shells in each tube plus one in the chamber, for a total capacity of 11, compared to the original KSG’s 15. You may be wondering what you get for this reduced capacity. Well, as the image above indicates, the railed forend has been replaced by a proprietary, integrated vertical grip / weapon light which has an output of 420 lumens, and is powered by CR123 batteries. The NR features the same 18.5″ barrel and 26.1″ overall length as the original KSG, in order to keep it legal; Kel-Tec was quick to mention the capability to take advantage of the reduced profile by shortening the barrel and turning it into an SBS, with a tax stamp, of course.

Kel-Tec reps at the booth said that the KSG-NR is available now.


5 Responses to “SHOT Show – Kel-Tec”

  1. HSR47 says:

    So they basically just stuck an 18.5″ barrel in the “Tactical” and called it a day?


  2. Diddler says:

    Who cares about the silly shotgun, what is that rifle behind it?