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BCB International – Military Face Paint In Sight For SHOT

BCB Camo transporter plane

Visitors to this year’s Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT) in Las Vegas, Nevada can try on military face paint that is enabling troops to stay concealed from enemy combatants.

In any military operation the ability to stay concealed from the enemy to maximize the element of surprise is vital. UK based, BCB International Ltd are a leading supplier of military face paint to troops worldwide and will be allowing visitors to SHOT to try on their range of camouflage cream at their booth (6606). They are unveiling for the first time at the SHOT Show their new range of squeezable camouflage face paint.

BCB International’s USA Outdoor Sales Manager, Andrew Howell, said: “Generations of soldiers and hunters throughout the world have used our camouflage creams to remain out of sight from the enemy and concealed from wildlife. Our camouflage face paints which come in different sizes and tones are made from natural ingredients, are infrared reflective, sweat proof and provide a high protection factor from the sun. We look forward to welcoming visitors to our stand who want to test out our range of camouflage creams.”

BCB International will be exhibiting their camouflage face paint range at booth 6606.


2 Responses to “BCB International – Military Face Paint In Sight For SHOT”

  1. Riceball says:

    Do their paints also moisturize the skin and make you look years younger too?

  2. Seamus says:

    DIG IN…. AND REAPPLY!!!!!!!!!