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SHOT Show – PWS / Direct Action

PWS is hosting Poland’s own Direct Action in their booth #7203.  They’ve had some bags out for awhile but last year they started completely revamping their line.  I got a chance to check their new stuff out at a private viewing during MiliPol and I was blown away with their attention to detail and innovative design.

This is their first public showing anywhere.  If you are at SHOT Show you need to check it out.  


27 Responses to “SHOT Show – PWS / Direct Action”

  1. D.B. says:

    The logo on the products on their website shows Helikon-Tex’s chameleon on a spear.

    So this is basically Helikon-Tex renamed?

    If you check that camo up close you’ll most likely find it isn’t real licensed Multicam but the copy they call Camogrom…

    • Lawrence says:

      Its not Camogrom – its all genuine MultiCam, and the gear is all made in Poland.

      • D.B. says:

        I wish I could believe you.

      • Mario says:

        The uniform may actually be made by another Polish maker (which uses genuine licensed Multicam printed on mil-spec NyCo RS cloth), not Helikon.

        If this is true Tier1 operator uniform it will most likely be the real deal, not a Multicam-copy Camogrom on a cheaper Poly/Cotton cloth.

        • Lawrence says:

          The uniform is also made from genuine, milspec, made-in-the-USA MultiCam – and is also a Direct Action design. Its just a prototype though, the full line of Direct Action’s combat uniforms will be coming down the pipe later this year – once user-testing and design tweaking has been finished with Polish SF.

  2. Thomas says:

    DA had a booth at IWA last year with tactical vests and stuff as well?

  3. Corry says:

    It is still helikon. I saw them in Germany at iwa show. Are they going to be ever available? Same carrier as in march 2014

  4. Lawrence says:

    No, this is not just Helikon-Tex rebranded. Look again at the website – the DA logo is totally different from Helikon-Tex and so are the products. The two companies do share some infrastructure resources but DA is a totally new thing which has been built from the ground up to deliver Tier 1 products to Tier 1 users.

    The legacy backpacks and bags that have been on offer so far was just an initial offering to get something onto the market and provide a revenue stream while the Tier 1 products were in development.

    The gear featured in the photo above has been in use with GROM for over a year already – and the Tier 1 Polish Special Forces have been closely involved in the product development.

    • Gary says:

      They may be trying to capture Tier 1 market, but this is still Helikon. Look beyond the web site logo and at the actual product logo.


      • Lawrence says:

        That was the first generation ‘market teaser’ product line. If you actually look at their website and catalog and the next generation gear on display (and in use with GROM and JWK), you’ll see that it is completely different.

  5. AJ says:

    I’ve had a direct action dust for a year now and I’ve been blown away by it. I’ve been waiting for their pouches for a while, can’t wait for these to hit the market.

    • SteveB says:

      I agree. IME, their packs are an outstanding value. DA USA has great customer service, Alan has been very helpful.

  6. Suhl says:

    I saw it at Shot. This gear is amazing. I haven’t seen so many new and genuine features for a long time. Any chance they will be showing it at SOFIC? I’d like my guys to see it.

    • SSD says:

      I thought the same thing Mike. They’ve put a lot of work into this.

    • Gary says:

      Hi Mike, would you mind expanding on those ‘new and genuine’ features you saw, please. So far Helikon-Tex has been known for not much more but replications and copying original designs from other makers.

      This is not a troll post, this is a genuine request. I’d really be keen to know.


      • SSD says:

        Relax Francis, the new stuff is very well done. You’ll get to see the whole kit and caboodle at IWA.

        • Lawrence says:

          First of all – for the hundredth time, this is Direct Action, not Helikon-Tex. The creation and launch of the brand is supported by Helikon, but its headed up by a designer brought in from outside of Helikon, its all being made in Poland in a new, purpose-built facility, and the first production runs are going to fulfill orders from Polish SF.

          Finally, as Eric said, the line will be launched for off-the-shelf sales at IWA – and the company will also have a booth at SOFIC.

          Na zdrowie!

          • babola says:

            OK, if you say so. You seem to be closer to the ‘altar’ than the rest of us on this matter. It’s good DA divorced itself from Halikon, too…as the later has been more known for cheaper poly/cotton uniforms and apparel for airsoft and outdoor community out there.

            U zdravlje!

            • Lawrence says:

              Cheers – yes, I’m ‘close to the altar’. The DA stuff is everything SSD and I have have been saying it is (nobody can bullshit SSD anyways!).

              Even the new stuff that’s been coming out of Helikon-Tex is streets ahead of where they used to be a brand in earlier days. They’re really becoming much more of a ‘middle market’ brand offering good gear at good prices. I know some pros who have been using Helikon-Tex uniforms and caps in harsh environments for over a year and they have nothing but good things to say.

              • babola says:

                Do tell if you know…are those pants shown on the pic above based on Urban Tactical Pants (UTP) model? With tat zipper on the low profile inset cargo pocket and the small ‘phone’ pocket at the front they certainly look like.

                Can’t wait to see real NyCo ripstop SF uniform in Multicam coming from DA/Helikon!

                Keep up the good work!


                • Lawrence says:

                  No – they’re not based on Helikon’s UTP; its a totally independent combat pant design from Direct Action and has features that are different from anything in Helikon’s line.

        • Gary says:

          No problem Doris, let’s see how it all pans out first, shall we darling?

          Hope you right and we finally see a company who had been known for so long for copying and replicating/tweaking existing designs from other manufacturers into their “own” line, to come out with something truly inventive and of their own.