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ARG Tactical Is Looking For A New Helmet Name

Passing this along for ARG Tactical.

ARG Tactical is coming out with a new helmet line. We are running a contest to give this new high cut helmet a name. If your name is selected, you will receive a new helmet in the color of your choice with rails, carbon fiber filled shroud, upgraded 4D Tactical Zero G Helmet Liner and the new Boa dial system. When submitting your entry, please do so via email so it is private. We don’t want anybody using the same name. Enter your name and reason behind the name to:

[email protected]

The helmet will be NIJ IIIA certified and will pass US MIL STD 662F for V50 fragmentation. Looking forward to all the entries.

Once a name is chosen, we will put out pictures of the kit and name the winner publicly.

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