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EOTech Refund Update

We’ve received similar reports from multiple sources so we feel comfortable sharing this info regarding refunds for EOTech Holographic Weapon Sights.

The refunds will be in the form of a check, processing has been outsourced due to so many returns, and the checks will be sent out within the next two weeks.  Also, there should be a phone number to deal specifically with return issues.  Once we have it, we’ll share it.  

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64 Responses to “EOTech Refund Update”

  1. EB says:

    Good to see EOTech making right

    • Easy E says:

      They haven’t in my view. I bought an EOTech magnifier to be used in conjunction with the EOTech sight I purchased. They won’t refund the magnifier. The magnifier functioned fine with the EOTech, but I see blurred and stretched lines when used with an Aimpoint T1. I bought the EOTech expecting it’d perform as advertised, but L-3 seemed content to commit fraud. I bought L-3’s magnifier to support that weapon sight that L-3 was content to hide the truth over.

      Even after the refund, I’m stuck with a close $500+ paperweight because of their fraud — the magnifier. To me, this whole deal is inexcusable. It’s bad enough to commit fraud, but when your company’s fraud is effecting the POI on duty weapons among the military and police, plus those utilizing the sight for home defense, that company should be shunned. I certainly won’t forget this and will make damn sure any family/friends/co-workers/etc are aware of L-3’s actions.

      • Easy E says:

        And yes, I tried a G33 magnifier before purchasing to use with the EOTech to make sure it worked with that EOTech.

        • Beltfed says:

          The magnifier works with any 1x optic. It’s not “EOTech” specific. You might need an appointment with the eye doctor.

          • Easy E says:

            I understand that. The magnifier works with my EOTech — not with an Aimpoint. I tested the G33 with an EOTech before purchasing the G33; it worked with it. That’s the only product I purchased it to work with and wouldn’t have purchased it L-3 wasn’t covering up their issues; hence returning the sights.

            I know what problems my eyes have due to being wounded in combat, thanks.

            • The magnifier is fine. KD4 exclusively uses an EoTech tripler for all his RDS. Chances are is that whatever your eye condition is (astigmatism?) is more apparent with the Aimpoint and magnification. This is a fairly common thing.

              • Easy E says:

                Again, the issue isn’t the magnifier…

                The issue is that L-3 KNOWINGLY sold EOTech sights that had issues that they concealed; it’s known as fraud.

                I knew I had an eye problem. I tested the G33 to be used in conjunction with the EOTech sights before buying — it worked fine for me.

                It eventually came to light that L-3 had committed fraud.

                Why did I buy the G33? To use it with EOTech sights exclusively. I didn’t buy the G33 to be used with T1/T2 sights; or any other brand of red dot. So, how did I end up with a G33? L-3’s fraud. Why did I make sure the G33 worked with the EOTechs BEFORE I purchased? I knew I had an eye issue. So, how did I end up here? L-3’s fraud.

                • I’m not saying L-3 isn’t a shitty company, kiddo. I’m saying more than likely the tripler is fine…

                  Two different RDS technologies, two different results. People who have known eye issues are usually attracted one to one sight or the other. You don’t like the tripler, quit bitching and sell it. Chances are you’ll be turned off bythe Aimpoint after a while.

                  • Easy E says:

                    Yes, I’m aware they’re different technologies. That is why I purchased the G33 to work with the EOTechs I had after testing them to ensure my eye issue wouldn’t be a problem. Thanks to L-3’s fraud, it’s now an issue.

                    I don’t see what is difficult to understand about that.

                    • Beltfed says:

                      This guy just doesn’t get it. Go put an “Aimpoint” brand magnifier behind it and you’ll have the same issue.

                    • Easy E says:

                      No, Beltfed, I understand it’s not a unique problem to the G33.

                      However, in an effort to try to stay clean while wrestling a pig, I’ll explain again. I purchased an EOTech sight that was based upon their claims. I then tested a G33 magnifier with EOTech sights before purchasing a G33 since I knew about eye sight issues in order to verify it work; it did. Then, after verifying, I actually purchased a G33. After that, the fraud L-3 committed became known. If it weren’t for this fraud, the G33 wouldn’t have been purchased. Is this that hard to understand?

                • All I’m gathering is “Item 1” so “generalized accessory” must be awful.

      • krw says:

        The T-1 is notoriously poor with a magnifier. The T-2 is supposed to be much improved in this respect, and my M4s is noticeably better than my T-1 in front of the G33.

        What you’re experiencing with the T-1 would be similar with any magnifier.

        If you are unhappy with the G33 because it’s made by EOTech, that’s one thing. But the G33 by itself is not the problem and is not the source of this whole issue.

        • EB says:

          Exactly. You’re more than welcome to wait around for a class action lawsuit to not receive anywhere near retail back for the used, faulty HWS.

          • AB says:

            Have you gone over to and had a look at what you may receive with regards to damages? It is cost of the unit plus more, in many cases a few thousand more. EOTech/L3 wants to avoid litigation, hence the refund.

        • Easy E says:

          No, the G33 is the problem. Why is it the problem? Because L-3 committed fraud in an effort to sell sights that they knew were didn’t live up to claims and had very real issues. They sold the G33 as an accessory to those EOTech optics.

      • Veteran says:

        Did you buy this as an MPO system?

        • Easy E says:

          No, I didn’t. I purchased the G33 after verifying it worked with my EOTechs.

          • jks says:

            Easy E says:
            February 4, 2016 at 00:32
            Again, the issue isn’t the magnifier…

            Easy E says:
            February 3, 2016 at 22:09
            No, the G33 is the problem.

            It is, it isn’t….. same thing.

    • AB says:

      Making right? They’re doing damage control and trying desperately to stave off large class action lawsuits. If they were interested in “making right” they would have pulled their optics or fixed the issue nearly TEN YEARS AGO when they knew about it.

  2. Mike Nomad says:

    Thanks for the update, Mr. SSD. I was beginning to wonder…

  3. RCS says:

    Okay, I need some advice. If I return my EOTECH, what is the next best replacement? Aimpoint? Which one? I actually use my EOTECH and I like the reticle over a just the red dot of an Aimpoint. Suggestions?

    • Cobra Commander says:

      I was the same way, and I ended up replacing my Eotech (still waiting for my refund) with a Leupold VX-R Patrol. I wanted to go the magnified scope route though, and it starts at 1.25 x’s magnification

      I’m very happy with it, as it’s got the red dow, but also the black reticle/crosshairs with mil dots.

      • Bill says:

        I’m strongly considering going that route, my eyes are failing worse than my EOTech did – what mount are you running?

    • Rearmount says:

      If you can hold out, it’ll be interesting to see how Elcan’s holo sight shakes out.

    • CAP says:

      Don’t be a beta tester for any new, unproven optics. Just buy an Aimpoint and never worry about it again.

      • RCS says:

        Recommendation on model Aimpoint?

        • SD says:

          I went with a T2 to replace my XPS2 and I’m very happy with it.

        • Blenderwizard says:

          We sell both EOtech and Aimpoint at my store. For the pricepoint, I am a big fan of the Aimpoint PRO. I have two. I also have a Comp M4

        • CAP says:

          PRO if you’re on a budget, T1 if you’ve got the cash. The PRO will likely do everything you need a red dot to do, but the T1’s small size and weight really do justify the price difference. I have no experience with the new T2 but they seem good so far.

  4. Chris says:

    I’m confused. I thought the recall/defect for the sights was that they wouldn’t hold their zero in -30 or colder/140 or hotter weather. I don’t have any issues with mine. I don’t have any plans on shooting in those 2 weather conditions either.

    • Easy E says:

      According to some reports, thermal drifts may occur at 122 degrees. This is a temp easily achieved inside a car in the summer. With that said, this may not affect you. Everyone’s situation is different.

  5. John says:

    Yeah I agree, the G33 should be included in the buy back, I also have one thats MEANT to be used with the sights made by eotech

    • Easy E says:

      Yup. I’m a bit surprised by the people offering what amounts to a defense of L-3 after it was shown they committed fraud.

      • Airborne_fister says:

        They only committed fraud on the HWS not their magnifier. The EOTech magnifier is a better base then the aimpoint one. Hit lever it’s outta the way (that’s the L3) or push lever down rotate magnifier lift off stick in pocket/pouch. Hope and pray it doesn’t get banged around in your holding area. Now switching back to magnification. L3 push over to locking position. Done. Now aimpoint way. Find magnifier. Once found, place on twist mount, make sure to line up the hole post. Twist around until locks into place. Sometimes it won’t lock into place so you have to make sure it’s seated correctly. And that you twisted it around hard enough to force it into place. So if you wanna I’ll trade you my aimpoint for your L3 magnifier. No problem. I have a combats related injury. Just not an injury sustained during combat. We hit the front gate to hard. Smashed my head into the gunner turret of our M-RAP. Also I have a stigmatism. Ss if I look an EOtech HWS. I see two rings and cannot make out which dot is which. With my glasses I can make out one ring and dot. But I have 4 EOtechs and I’m not returning or in the suit. I left them in my heated garage in the trunk. Mind you I jacked up the heat to 100. In the trunk I tried to get thermal drift. I couldn’t in any of them. So I’m happy. Also I left it outside in the cold when it was -10 and no shift in zero. So I either have a bunch Of EOtechs that can take the beating. But I’m happy now if they start to shift I’ll send them in to get a new one.

        • Easy E says:

          Why did I buy the G33? To use in conjunction with my EOTech — before I became aware of the fraud.

          How did I come to make the purchase of the G33? I knew I had eye issues after getting wounded, and made sure to test a G33 with my EOTechs before making a purchase to see if it would be an issue — it wasn’t.

          Now it’s come to light that L-3 committed fraud in regard to their EOTech sights, making the G33 useless to me. Why is the G33 useless to me? Because of L-3’s fraud.

          I tried these products (yes, to include EOTech sights) before I bought in order to verify my issues wouldn’t be a problem. Turns out, L-3’s fraud was the problem. By committing fraud with the HWS, they created this issue for me; I wouldn’t own a G33 if not for fraud regarding the HWS.

  6. Dave Randisi says:

    L3 screwed up and they’ve put in place a more than generous refund program for the HWS. This guy is ridiculous with his complaint over the G33.

    I returned my old 502 sights, waiting for the refund to come through, was waiting until LaRue released a mount to buy a new optic and as soon as he did found this package for $545 no shipping, little cheaper than buying direct from LaRue so I bit the bullet, now just waiting for my EOTech refund.

    • Easy E says:

      I bought a G33 after verifying that it worked with my EOTech sights. Now that my EOTech sights are being returned due to fraud and I cannot make use of the G33, I’m being ridiculous?

      I’ll argue you, and those agreeing with you, are being ridiculous by enabling a large corporation who committed fraud. It’s L-3’s fraud which put me in this situation; I had made sure the G33 would work with my EOTechs prior to purchasing the G33 — which was prior to the fraud coming to light.

      However, I would say these comments serve as an eye opening experience in understanding how and why companies do this sort of thing.

      • Airborne_fister says:

        And since you have a Got a weapon sight magnifier based upon a weapon sight. Then you should of read Larry’s talks about how 1911, BCM and AIMPOINTS are the bees knees or the only way to go. Nothing against Mr. Vicker, Larry. But I am a P226 in 9mm, built my own uppers and lowers, and rock EOtechs on all my ARs. So, if you need a credible source. I think Mr. Vickers trumps all. And which T-1you rocking, the 4 moa or 2 moa. And how bright do you have them? Turn down the brightness if they don’t line up use a different riser. For either the t-1 or the g33. Shoot (literally) larue and leupoid make great ones.

        • Easy E says:

          I’ve tried the T1 at every brightness setting and it hasn’t been able to fix it. What I’m leaning towards is going to a magnified optic.

          As for the Aimpoint T1, I’ve tested the magnifier with both a 2 MOA and a 4 MOA version.

          Beyond properly mounting the magnifier behind the Aimpoints, I’ve also tried different heights for the aimpoint and just plain holding the magnifier at different angles to see if that could fix it — no fix for me.

  7. MiamiC70 says:

    So what happens if you don’t have a Recipt for you Eotech sight? How do they determine what refund to issue you? I have a 553.A65 and some of the newer XPS3’s but have only packaging not receipts.

    • Easy E says:

      If you do not have a receipt, tell them you do not have a receipt. What L-3 normally does is offer MSRP based upon the year of manufacture of the sight.

    • Bill says:

      I didn’t have the receipt but found the date of manufacture and sent my request in with the amount left blank, figuring someone there would know the MSRP at that time. They wrote back requesting an amount, so I just put in the list price from Brownell’s. We’ll see what happens.

    • JKifer says:

      You tell them what you paid for it and from where you bought it. That’s what I did, and my refund is almost here.

  8. kyle says:

    I pray this is legit and I get a refund my AR is sad with out an optic I promised her and aimpoint months ago

    • JKifer says:

      Sir, I hear ya, I felt the same way… this is legit information, I have personally confirmed the refund details.

      • kyle says:

        Sweet deal, this whole ordeal has made me totally lose faith in Eotech as a company I just want my refund so I can get that Aimpoint

  9. James says:

    Was curious if anyone else had been told this by EOtech. I purchased a HHS II combo (HWS and G33 magnifier). I saw a comment above that made reference to EOtech not giving refunds for the G33, but the RMA info EOtech sent to me said since I bought the two parts of the optic as a set, I’d need to return them as a set, which I did. Curious now if I’ll just get the MSRP on the sight itself or the full price of the HHS II combo, $1,056 and change??

  10. Kyle says:

    Received my refund in check form, approximately 3 days ago.

  11. Ritchie says:

    I sent my site back in November and haven’t heard anything. Should I be worried?

    • John A. says:

      I sent mine in around that time as well. I have not heard anything back as well. I emailed them and no response yet. It’s been about a week now…

  12. Ritchie says:

    Still waiting….did anyone answer the question regarding whether they received an email confirmation that a check had been sent?

  13. Alex T says:

    I submitted a refund request for my Eotech HWS I purchased last year. I submitted the refund request in late January of this year and was approved. I sent the HWS in its original box, along with a copy of the original purchase receipt. Last week I received a check from Eotech in the full amount, plus the $15.00 to cover shipping.

    So for those of you who are anxious or hesitant, just be patient. I was very surprised I received the check so quickly. I was definitely anticipating at least another month or two.

    Long story short, they are honoring the refunds. As happy as I am that the company is honoring the refund, it’s still a shame that it came to this.

    I hope this information is helpful to anyone reading this.