Oakley SI – ALPHA Eco-System

This video showcases Oakley’s new ALPHA Eco-System which debuted at SHOT Show.


11 Responses to “Oakley SI – ALPHA Eco-System”

  1. Boatschooler says:

    Pretty cool. Would be interested to see the case and how compact you can get the whole system to how much space it would take/save the end user

    • SSD says:

      Search is your friend. I wrote a story about it during SHOT Show. Even better, I put a link to the story in THIS article.

  2. CV76 says:

    Hell yeah! Finally!

  3. Jian Hong says:

    I look forward to this!

  4. Chris says:

    The RSOs who worked First Spear’s range day at SHOT had these on. They said they fit really well and fit comfortably under the comtacs they were wearing as well. I’m not sure if they were “given” them to demo or if those guys had actually bought them.

  5. kerbert says:

    Now if they can make boots that last longer than 3 months in TRAINING.

    Hope all this kit is also being made here in the USA.

  6. J says:

    Any idea word on when these are dropping and msrp?

  7. Uniform223 says:

    You can’t operate without Oakleys. I love their stuff but its too darn expensive. For now I am more than happy with my Revisions that I bought at the PX years ago.

  8. Lasse says:

    I don’t like Oakley lenses. They flake like crazy in no time… It’s only their ballistic ones that I’ve seen flake, the civie stuff seems fine.

    • Jian Hong says:

      My M Frame 2.0 lenses did the same thing, I believe a combination of sweat and sunscreen not cleaned off will cause the outer film layer to flake off. Now I wash all my glasses once a week with dish soap and warm water, haven’t had any flaking since.

      • Tetsuo says:

        It’s the anti-fog layer. It was a problem on some lenses from 2012-2013 IIRC. If it’s currently happening to your lenses contact their warranty dept.