Oakley Introduces Mod 3 & Mod 5 Snow Sports Helmets


A lot of SSD readers like to ski and snowboard and a lot more are Oakley fans. At SIA, Oakley unveiled their entry into the snow sports helmet arena. Under development for three years, the Mod 3 and Mod 5 helmets incorporate a modular brim system so the wearer can choose the correct interface ti get a tight seal between helmet and goggle. Additionally, the chinstrap is magnetic, the liner is removable and it’s got a BOA fit system.


5 Responses to “Oakley Introduces Mod 3 & Mod 5 Snow Sports Helmets”

  1. TXCavBoy says:

    They should make one for air-soft

  2. Jeremy says:

    Will they be offering any of these with the MIPS system?

  3. Low Speed Lower Drag says:

    Magnetic chinstrap? Not so sure about that, but Oakley has a proven history of quality products, and I assume they did their research.