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Travis Haley Responds To NDgate

Earlier this evening, Haley Strategic Partners posted this statement on their Facebook page in response to the week old disclosure of video taken by Panteao Productions depicting Travis Haley discussing an AK. During that video, the weapon fired. Panteao Productions issued their statement on Monday of this week.

Press Release Feb 11, 2016:

On approximately Thursday February 4th 2016, Panteao Productions released a video through poor accountability and security with its servers by one of their instructors according to the owner of Panteao Productions. How and why this happened is still unclear, however assumptions can certainly be made. 

This particular video was of me teaching a block of instruction on controversial Russian trigger finger/safety techniques, and why I personally don’t recommend them. During the filming, my AK was discharged inadvertently performing the demonstration. The range was set up for this demo, the weapon was intentionally off safe due to the block of instruction, and the barrel was oriented towards the target in the event the weapon fired as it did in this case.

Of course I take these matters seriously and if you know me or have been through any of our courses, you know our number one priority is safety. We pride ourselves on learning from our failure as it is our greatest opportunity and share those experiences with the people we serve.

There was also a communication issue with the inconsistent posts made on social media between the HSP team back in Scottsdale AZ and me being in Central America at the time the video was released. Now that I have seen the entire video (never seen by me before as it was in Panteao’s library), I have been able to review it and now share my thoughts. After reading a lot of comments, I think Pat Rogers said it best:

“One type causes injury/ death or comes close enough to warrant immediate measures to remove the person and his weapon. The other type is a down range ND, when the shot is discharged unintentionally, but into the target/ berm etc. These represent the majority of ND’s and this is where learning can occur. These are teaching/ learning points, and if handled correctly, will not likely happen again.” -Pat Rogers

I have had many failure points in my life (much greater than this)… I have ND’d. I have missed the mark countless times in my life even when it mattered most. I have zigged when I should have zagged. I’ve been impulsive and involved myself into fights without thinking of who’d it effect. My brothers have asked me for direction in combat and I was unable to answer. Hell, I have even taken life when it could have possibly been avoided… I have failed over and over in my life, yet I have been blessed with being accountable and educated by my shortcomings. This, in turn, allows my failures to continually become my greatest opportunities.

Travis Haley
Haley Strategic Partners

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91 Responses to “Travis Haley Responds To NDgate”

  1. Supergyro says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t care? Travis is still one of the best instructors out there whether his finger slipped or he forgot his earpro or whatever. When I first saw the video I thought “ouch.” Then I moved on.

    • Yeah, agreed. I’m honestly surprised this ordeal still has legs. Blame the internets.

      • Ashcrack Baqsack says:

        It’s the new “listen-to-my-opinion-I-have-stage-or-platform-finally” generation.

        Everyone wants a Participation Trophy.

        Even watching on Youtube (on mute) I also flinched…was MORE curious what “ND” meant than the content of the video.

        Again Participation Trophy Generation

      • babola says:

        Somebody commented on this topic few days ago – you live by social media and you die by social media.

        And the stuff on Internets…it never dies. It caches out eventually but if you know how to find it you will.

    • Kevin says:

      Exactly, move the flip on! Do the Bringers of Hate have nothing else on their agendas? Travis had a ND! He’s chagrin. Move on to something important, and all you Purveyors of Hate can start looking more closely at your own lives

      • Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah says:

        Chagrin? He sure as hell hasn’t admitted to it. This is the first time I’ve ever seen someone claim they had an inadvertent discharge. FML. This guy.

    • CB Money says:

      Im with ya, why is this such a big deal?

  2. Mike says:

    It took him seeing the unedited video to remember what happened? So his social media folks are the ones that lied about him forgetting to put his ears on for a demo? Hillary should hire his services for his story telling ability

  3. Richard says:

    “Let he who has never messed up on the range cast the first stone”.

    • Phargus says:

      ^ this. Conversation over.

    • Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah says:

      So he gets a pass? You aren’t Jesus and this isn’t sin. This is a guy who is both dangerous and a liar. He makes a living selling videos. When he screws that up by lying about what happened, anyone who watches him should feel free to pile on.

  4. BillC says:

    I honestly didn’t care until I heard responses from both parties. Now… now, I’m just being sucked in by the “drama”, which is probably fading. Until Panteao or Haley respond again/

  5. Bill says:

    “my AK was discharged inadvertently performing the demonstration”

    I want to like the guy, and I’ve had my share of screw-ups, but the statement analyst/interrogator in me reads these as weasel words, different than “I discharged my AK inadvertently while performing the demonstration.”

    Anyway, enough. If every ND garnered this level of coverage, we’d be butt-deep in a lot of coverage.

    • Anthony says:

      I read the same. After 17 years of thin slicing people and statements this one pegged my bullshit meter.

      I don’t really care either way because the drama from this is now boring

    • Gary says:


      “….and the barrel was oriented towards the target in the event the weapon fired as it did in this case.”

      This hit right at the tip of the bullshit meter.

      I don’t care what he did or otherwise…but to first lie about it and then pretend he was all set and ready in case of possible ND…give me a break.

      Total bullshitter.

      • Matt says:

        I mean, pointing the gun in a safe direction is like the number one safety rule. How is that bullshit?

        • Mario says:

          It’s bullshit as the gun was clearly not pointed at the target. Watch the video.

          He now uses “don’t know I know what I was doing and no one would have gotten hurt anyway” excuse to lower the impact of his ND. And to correct his lie, at the end of the day.

          • Matt says:

            I have watched the video, have you? It shows multiple views, and clearly shows a target and berm set up to his left.

            • Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah says:

              He wasn’t pointed at the target. This was a stupid move and he’s lucky no one was hurt by his negligence.

          • Larry says:

            Watch it again then. The full video shown on this site shows a back/side view and you…or I can see that the rifle is pointed at a target area, with a yellow (I think) cardboard target in a target stand with a tree line behind it.

            • Agentofwrath says:

              I was taken aback by his choice of words at the begining of his mea culpa. But he clearly admits his shortcomings at the end. Curious. A hero with clay feet.

    • Larry says:

      Weasel words? Just because he used more words to describe a ND than your caveman vocabulary understands how does this make him a weasel???

      Inadvertently – without intention; accidentally

      He fully admitted the ND.

      Now to what I dont like was his quick to post, not to think, social media posts about it being fabricated. However this statement admonishes him of that, because he is describing those quick statements as just another mistake.

      • Matt says:

        Anyone who interviews people will see his statements for what they are. A obfuscation of the truth and failure to own up to his responsibility in the discharge. Likewise, with Panteao’s presser.

        Haley knew he had fucked up based on the video, where he asserts to keep the screw-up off the video, and then refers to it as an ND. Any change in recollection due to time passed is a weak excuse and doesn’t change what happened.

        He’s spinning it. Deal with it. Human or not, and as someone who has ND’d, I say own it, learn, move the fuck on. But that’s not so easy for an internet superstar who projects an air of tactical perfection. Too much at stake. Ego sinks us all.

        • Burdy says:

          Nailed it. If he had taken the David Letterman approach from the beginning this would already be over. Wording sure did change after the full video was posted. I have zero dog in this fight. I own several of the Haley/Panteo videos myself and he’s better at everything than I’ll ever be as it relates to shooting but his handling of the ND, not the ND itself, was poor. Who knows why the video got released, so Panteo may not be clean either, but as it pertains to the ND itself, Panteo appears to have shown up TH on this one.

      • Weaver says:

        No – it’s weasel words because he used a deliberate passive voice to avoid accepting responsibility.

        It’s a case of “Mistakes were made” rather than “I made a mistake.” One is weaseling out of responsibility, one is fully accepting everything.

    • Matt says:

      After watching the video, were you unable to figure who pulled the trigger? Did you need Travis to explain that part to you because it wasnt quite clear who was holding the gun?

  6. Wayne Coker says:

    Travis I have the greatest respect for you and you showing techniques that you believe are not safe and showing the reason why is the reason for my faith in you. Don’t let the dickheads sway you from showing realistic scenarios. Better for you to demonstrate with the gun in a safe direction than for one of us to make a mistake endangering the safety of others around us

    • Grant says:

      Not sure exactly who the dickhead here is.

      You’re delusional.

      • Wayne Coker says:

        If you had the documented background that he has then if I’m a dick head them give me a sign and I will wear it . It always seems to be the ones who don’t know anything that talk the most. I’ll be waiting to see your next training video and a list of your accomplishments.

  7. Kerbert says:

    IMO this is a nonstory. Only reason it got to this point is because of the media and internet commandos. Everyone has had their range goof ups. None of what happened has changed my opinion of Travis

    ZZzzzZZ moving on

  8. LD says:

    I’m just surprised THIS is the story about him that caused the controversy and not the other big one.

  9. Airborne_fister says:

    Two kinda firearms owns. Those that have had an ND. And those that will. Mine was at the 50 cal range. (M107). Pulled the trigger once. Got startled by the overpressureand pulled it again. Oops. Or in basic when I was doing buddy moving drills. The I’m up he sees me I’m down. I flicked my m16 to burst instead of semi. Oops. Both are NDs. But hell didn’t freeze over. And I went on to still complete my enlistment.

    • Bill says:

      Part of me agrees, part of me doesn’t: it’s like saying that there are two types of pilots, those that have had a crash, and those that will have a crash. We have no idea of how many shooters go through their entire life without an ND, and following VERY simple rules make that imminently possible. OTOH, the more time you spend behind the gun, and the more sporty the things you are doing, wetherin training or real life, the greater the odds of any unintended incident.

      • Airborne_fister says:

        Yes I agree. But we could play the motorcycleists. Those who have payed it down and those that will. OTOH I hate being and living that stat.

        i can’t tell you how many times I have gone to the indoor range. And seen someone doing something stupid. Loading a firearm in the back area, muzzle flagging people with a loaded firearm. People renting a firearm having never shot before. They are the ones that scare me the most. “How do I load this? Does it matter which way these thingies (holding a bullet) go into here? Or having a double feed and leaving your finger in and on the trigger. Swinging around with the loaded firearm. “That is when If I am at the range and someone wants to fool around I become an RSO. I’m also the guy the say, “hey we have two new shooters. Your gonna be right next to them. We told them that you are the weapons guru and if they have any questions to just ask you.” (Thanks guys. I just wanted to come here and shoot. Not babysit.) it’s like my spa retreat.

        Back on topic. It’s like they rely on me to prevent an ND. I would much rather prevent them from going out not having a good time while being safe, Then be the dick. But I’m never mean nor a dick but I will help. As much as possible. Check in on them. And do my thing while they do there’s.

  10. Disco says:

    I just would’ve said “eh, Shit happens”

    I probably won’t buy anything from Panty-O just because this does seem like someone wanted to be cute and accidentally on purpose release something to besmirch someone else.

    Bear in mind, Panty-O considered Shoothouse Puzikas a scholarly source so…
    There it is

  11. Michael says:

    This is a fascinating case study in a variety of fields. If James Yeager had done the same thing, he would’ve been crucified. Panteo seems like a bunch of tools who committed an egregious breach, and Travis appears to be a liar. The apologists who keep acting like NDs aren’t a big deal and that lying about them isn’t also a problem have their head in the sand.

    • D.B. says:

      Hit the nail on the head. Thanks.

    • KP says:

      I’m projecting here but the way I understand it, Haley has generated a lot of good will over the years whereas Yeager has generated a lot of bile. I don’t like what has happened, but I’m not about to let this erase everything else (which isn’t much as I’ve never met the man.) I like Haley’s style but I don’t expect him to be an angel. I don’t like Yeager’s style and I do expect him to be a hothead.

      But otherwise, this drama isn’t even interesting. I wish Haley would’ve used this as the teaching opportunity it was, apologized, self deprecate, and ended with a, “stay sharp be safe!”

  12. Paul Walczuk says:

    Thanks for the accountability, no response to the video was necessary.

  13. Blake says:

    Anyone else notice that its people that dont have anywhere near his experiance, expertise or business acumen that are slinging mud?

    • Matt says:

      his alleged business acumen is exactly what this is about, and why he is failing to fully own what happened, and why his credibility is being questioned.

    • AlexC says:

      “Anyone else notice that its people that dont have anywhere near his experiance, expertise or business acumen that are slinging mud?”

      You don’t have to be a Master Chef with years of experience to understand and criticize rotten food.

  14. Mark says:

    In essence, he had an ND in front of a class of students. Own it in the here and now and use it to help prevent it in the future. I realize the video came out later, but if you teach on video then that’s your classroom. I don’t need to know about his other mistakes or dudes he killed or any of that, he screwed up and now let’s learn from it. Pretty lame responses from both parties, it seems like his ego won’t let him admit to being a human that makes mistakes.

  15. Gary says:

    I don’t care about this guy a single bit, nor if he had an ND or not.

    But what disturbs me is that he lied and tried to cover his misconduct by denying it ever happened.
    And this is the guy many out there look up to (it appears many believe he’s mightier than mighty and holier than holy) and are ready to follow in battle.

    Sorry but after this sorry episode, I would never again used Panteo productions nor Travis Haley services in the future. The guy isn’t to be trusted, whatever some of his fans and devoted followers believe.

  16. Aaron says:

    If you have a ND in a SOF unit, you are kicked out of the unit.

    If you have a ND as a commercial instructor, you get a pass because you’ve sold a lot of gear and have a lot of social media followers…

  17. Pat Aherne says:

    What’s the big deal? Haley was showing why not to perform a certain technique because it could cause an ND and he had an ND. I’ve taken three classes from Travis and there is MUCH I disagree with him on. This is not it. Get over yourselves, people.

    • Gary says:

      Have you been sleeping under a rock? It’s not about if he had and ND or not.

      It’s about him being dishonest and trying to cover up.

      He got caught with his pants at his ankles.

      The guy is a liar. Full stop. There’s no other way to say it.

    • Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah says:

      He didn’t intend to show you how not to do something. That was his incompetence at play. He sure showed us.

  18. Jed says:

    I have no room to comment seeing as I am a shooter, these matters concern me not.

  19. Vince says:

    I must be on one today. Who the fuck uses videos to train anyways. Shit happens behind the gun. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. Take the good with the bad and learn from it. Leave it at that don’t make it drama. I would say that Travis needs a new director of communication. The internet is way more damaging than an ND. Trial by public opinion kills without physical consequences. Beware what you put out there and thank our brothers putting foot to ass for protecting our way of life and our ability to talk shit on the internet.

  20. TJ says:

    Just like every other scandal since forever, the strongest reaction for many isn’t to the mistake (they happen) but to the cover up. NDs happen. Facebook posts that lie to conceal a mistake.. Don’t have to happen.

    Instead of hearing from everyone who’s had a ND (which would use up SSDs interwebs), I’d like to hear from everyone whose “social media team” made false statements on your behalf to cover up your mistake.

    Can you imagine how this would have gone differently if That Facebook post about ‘we all forgot to wear hearing protection before my intentional discharge’ had instead been “LOL. Don’t do that kids”. It would have been great.

  21. Bob says:

    How can someone own up to the mistake and yet in their statement not own up. Haley always seems to talk in circles or make up words/phrases as he sees fit.

  22. P.J. says:

    The only thing in the statement that really seems to matter is that he says it was his team that published the denial on Instagram while he was out of the county. That had already been posted on his FaceBook page. It won’t do anything to stop the “Haley is a lying piece of shit” crowd. They either won’t believe it wasn’t him and think the Central America trip story is a lie too or don’t see the difference between an employee posting it (showing poor internal controls, much like Panteao) and him personally posting it (which would show a lack of integrity).

  23. Jose Gordon says:

    For all of you saying this doesn’t matter he’s still a great instructor or for those of you who want to move on because “here…he admitted to his ND”, you don’t get it and you’re just sycophants who want to like the guy and use and admire his “celebrity”. There is no reason why you can’t like the guy, still attend his classes and even believe and advocate for him, while simultaneously saying what he did was bad, and recognizing that the subject he choose to demonstrate why it was bad, doesn’t exist. The ND is bad…but his gimmick of “dynamic” teaching is worse (this is the long standing far reaching effects). There is no manual of arms on Gods green earth that would advocate what he said was an actual method of handling an AK or any weapon for that matter. The ND is a residual of an invented topic for him to show you something that doesn’t exist. This is the problem. Anybody who will take a class from him needs to know that his “dynamic teaching” is a gimmick…nothing more. And he needs a subject to highlight his prowess. He invented a “manual of arms” to do just that and it didn’t work out. That’s all. If you want to move on…then understand that, admit to it, still go to him – if you want to – but don’t dismiss his overstep (not just the ND, but the subject). He messed up with the ND, but he DYNAMICALLY screwed up by trying to demonstrate a “mythical” manual of arms in order to market himself…and it didn’t workout for him…

  24. cimg says:

    Sometimes its best to shut the H up and move on, evidently Travis doesn’t know this.

  25. Geoff says:

    I thought this was last week’s controversy? Didn’t we move on to the Yeager/Puzikas alliance?

  26. “During the filming, my AK was discharged inadvertently performing the demonstration. The range was set up for this demo, the weapon was intentionally off safe due to the block of instruction, and the barrel was oriented towards the target in the event the weapon fired as it did in this case.”

    Sorry, Travis, doesn’t wash.

    You had no business “demonstrating” trigger and safety manipulation techniques with a loaded weapon. Period. End of story.

    Wish you would simply man up and say, “I screwed the pooch and I’m sorry. Lesson learned.”

  27. Lisa N says:

    Like a classroom full of 14 year old school girls.

    Look! I got something on you!
    Look! He isn’t a perfect instructor!

    Panteao Productions showed their true colors and low business ethics. Nobody should trust them and they showed the world that they can’t secure their film library and even worse, use due diligence that any company should have set up and in place . I myself won’t give them another dime.

    And for the inquisitive sole who was asking if I served in the military I can tell you that we are all in the military in Israel. I just don’t ramble about it like some feel the need to.

    • Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah says:

      Haley needs to get into politics. That is the biggest pile of crap I’ve seen a tactical trainer write. Even that fake Corey admitted he was a fraud.

  28. Brad Stilson says:

    He should have ensured proper calibration of the ballistic delivery device before engaging in a systematic kinetic diagnosis of the fail-safe protocol options inherent to that specific platform. Many agree with my assessment of the operator’s lapse in his tacit tactical awareness profile leading to the following motion-captured incident of record.

  29. Very well said Mr.Haley!

  30. AB says:

    Is he running for office? That was about the most political post I have seen all day.

  31. AlexC says:

    Seeking and Accepting Responsibility for this act would not look like this weasel worded post. Making this mistake into a teaching moment would not have looked like this.

    If he had intended to make that a teaching moment he would have stopped the class right there, took all the students aside, and explained that he had had a ND, that HE had made a mistake, and that he was both humbled and embarrassed.
    “I messed up guys.” would have gone a long way. Finally, what would have made my respect for this guy go through the roof instead of where it is now, he should have included the ND on the instructional DVD.

    Instead of Panteao Productions allegedly using this video as an internal ‘teaching aid’, Haley could have used this video as an ACTUAL training aid on the DVD of the course he was teaching. That would have been the honourable thing to do, and would have gotten him major kudos.

    Instead of that, he hid it, denied it, twisted it, and then finally capitulated to admitting that it had happened, but that, in HIS WORDS, “my AK was discharged inadvertently…”.

    That sounds like the exact same wording that anti-gunners use when blaming weapons for when bad things happen. “The gun just went off.” “Things just happened.” “It just fired.”
    Accepting responsibility would sound a lot different. “I fired the gun.” “I caused things to happen.” “I fired it.”

    Both parties to this scandal did not handle the situation ethically. I am disappointed in both Haley and Panteao.

  32. Andy M says:

    I don’t know why I continue reading about this. Mistake made, by possibly both parties. Apologies made. Now let’s move on!!!

  33. John G says:

    When I see embarrassing things on the interwebs I am reminded of the public pillory or stocks of old times. People would be publicly shamed in their community for minor incidents with the goal of causing a person enough shame to create the desire to never repeat the infraction.

    Todays intetwebs is much like the pillory stocks of olden times with two notable exceptions. Shaming takes place in front of a much wider audience and secondly, the shaming doesn’t end. No matter how far a person comes after an incident which has brought them internet notoriety, it can be brought back up by internet commandos and hashed and rehashed to invalidate a person at any time.

    Public shaming used to accomplish behavioral changes in the past has now morphed into something else entirely online.

    While we as a modern society would balk at putting a person in the stocks for public ridicule, we have no problem putting someones failure on the internet for perpetual public shaming by a wider audience. A much more harmful experience for the ridiculed.

  34. Jose Gordon says:

    I’m done with generalizing comments. I’m gonna start calling people out. Having said that…Andy M…exactly what is it that makes you say “mistakes made by both parties. Apologies made now let’s move on”…this is exactly the dismissive attitude that perpetuates this mythical gimmicky “tacticalcoolology”. Stop…recognize this for what it is – Haley’s “lawyers dodge” and lack of acknowledgement – then move on…but until then, you’re “feeding the beast” with your dismissiveness…your attitude isn’t solving anything…it adds energy to Haley and those like him and allows them to continue to make lots o money peddling falsehoods and inventing the “uninventable” – my word…this ain’t scrabble…

  35. cj says:

    you deal with firearms long enough sooner or later you’ll probably have a ND.. all you can hope for is no one get hurts and nothing too valuable gets tore up…

  36. tazman66gt says:

    my AK was discharged inadvertently performing the demonstration.- no ownership of mishap, it went off by itself?

    and the barrel was oriented towards the target in the event the weapon fired as it did in this case.- again, no ownership of mishap, it just fired, but it fired in a safe direction by itself so no harm done.

  37. Dan says:

    What he should have said was, “A little over a year ago while making an AK video I had a Negligent Discharge. This isn’t the first mistake I’ve made it life and it won’t be the last. Thankfully, this particular mistake didn’t end in tragedy and I would like to use it as a teachable moment. I should have used an inert weapon to demonstrate failure points, failing that I should have used a dry weapon. I should have checked and then double checked the weapon was empty prior to starting the demonstration. Any one of these actions could have prevented my negligent discharge. This video also demonstrates why it is so important to have redundant safety procedures like ensuring there is no one down range and working on a purpose built range with proper backstops. I have learned from this mistake and I hope you can too.

    The second mistake I made was in not immediately recognizing a year ago that my failure could be capitalized on as a teachable moment. No one likes to be the subject of a teachable moment, myself included, but sometimes one has to take the pain of embarrassment for the greater good.

    Stay safe.

    Unfortunately, Mr. Haley’s statement reads as if it were written by a democratic spin doctor…

    My AK was discharged inadvertently….(Your AK wasn’t discharged, you discharged your AK.)

    The weapon was intentionally off safe… (Why and why was a loaded magazine used?)

    In the event the weapon fired…(The weapon didn’t fire, you fired the weapon.)

    It’s not the act, it’s the cover-up.

    • Jose Gordon says:

      Here is what yo left out that he should have said…”the method which I was demonstrating to show unsafe practices for managing and AK safety don’t exist, but if they did, these could a occur…A NEGLIGENT DISCHARGE!” This what everyone is missing and I can’t stress enough…would someone please refute my point…follow my logic…his teaching methodology is flawed. He demonstrated a technique for manipulating the AK safety while maintaining safe trigger control which doesn’t exist in any manual, POI or even TTP on God’s green earth. His finger was placed in an unsafe position and then combined with all of the above, he had an ND…why??? Because he tried to teach a mythical technique that he said existed but never said where he learned those two techniques for safety and trigger manipulation as a bonfide manual of arms from. Here’s the rub…the only manual of arms which exists to safely control the trigger is to keep your finger straight off the trigger away from the trigger well, UNTIL your ready to shoot…so let’s stop trying to wash away his gravest mistake with all of the minor training scars that led to it in the first place…thus his gimmick!!!!!

      • balais says:

        The hell it doesn’t exist.

        It is (was?) taught within certain individuals in the AK sphere for quite a while and has seemingly died down thanks to educated instructors teaching people why its a bad idea. Travis isn’t the only one who has addressed this ‘technique’ either. Look it up sometime.

        I saw it as a ‘method’ in Iraq and Afghanistan too. Complete stupidity that we squashed like a bug because of the exact reason travis demonstrated.

        • Jose Gordon says:

          Obviously you have no clue of my background. “Look it up some time”…really…that’s almost as bad as saying…”oh yea!!!”. It’s why I use my name and don’t hide behind a “handle”. I’ve been doing what I do for 35+ years and have never seen, heard, or even discussed this absurdity. I’ve never seen an Iraqi Commando or Afhgan “Omega” ever use any of these ridiculous techniques so please…don’t pretend to cover up for this man by trying say you’ve seen this before in IZ or AF…don’t even try to go there….that’s as bad as him inventing this whole TTP for his “pantaeo show”…

  38. Marjah Marine says:

    I have ND’d once myself. After I got out of the corps, with a Glock 19. As Rogers said, it was the kind that was pointed in a safe direction. But, it was also the kind that was an intentional trigger pull. My mistake. Thought it was unloaded. That’s where most ND’s and Travis’s ND differ! He KNEW there was one in the chamber. His finger slipped, he didn’t pull expecting a click. In my book that makes it more accidental than negligent.
    I’d rather be around someone who had ND’d than one who has not. At the end of the day we are more careful, we have tasted incompetence and don’t want it again. Those who haven’t ND’d might, MIGHT, be a little more cocky with safety and firearms.