SIG MMG 338 Program Series

The Buttstock Tourniquet Holder…

For when things don’t quite go how you had expected.

I really like this ad.

22 Responses to “The Buttstock Tourniquet Holder…”

  1. M says:

    Having a TQ readily accessible for a gunfight might be a good idea.

    Having a gun readily accessible in a gunfight might be a good idea.

    Having the two tools integrated together might be an even better idea.

    However, optimal execution of this is not quite the same as simply dropping a chocolate bar into a jar of peanut butter.

    I often wonder if the people who design these products, or set their guns up like this (with TQs, GPSs, etc. strapped onto one side of their stock) have ever even actually tried operating the weapon from the opposite shoulder.

    I have, and it doesn’t work.

    Perhaps a better on-weapon storage location for a tourniquet would be the sling, the fore end, or the bottom edge of the stock, instead.

    Just food for thought.

    • CPTK says:

      Hopefully someone will make sure your food for thought gets included in the next dispatch downrange.

    • d says:

      Good point, but I use this TQ holder on both BCM and SOPMOD stocks and can shoot from both shoulders just fine.

      It can be placed on the stock in such a way that it doesn’t interfere.

      • RE Factor Tactical says:

        We actually carry it in this configuration downrange. The people designing the products still go overseas and test the products while there. This does not impede the charging handle, nor does it interfere with your cheek weld.

  2. Chip says:

    Dude, the guys who designed this have some pretty relevant real-world experience.

    • Steve says:

      Perhaps, but when you’ve be BTFU (Blown the Fuck Up) and you are in one place and your rifle (and one or more of your legs) is in another ZIP code, having that TQ on your person would be nice. Just sayin’.

      • James says:

        Makes a lot of sense for a house gun though. Looks a little bulky.

      • BM says:

        Redundancy. One is none.

        • RE Factor Tactical says:

          We don’t suggest you use this as your one and only tourniquet location. You should have multiple on you in multiple locations. This was designed after we were driving around in vehicles and had issues concealing a tourniquet. When we placed the tourniquet in our pocket or in a concealed location it became hard to access when seated. This sits on our vehicle gun that is next to our leg. If you get hit you can access it easily without having to dig into places while seated. If for some reason you get separated from your gun you should have another one on your persons.

  3. Chris says:

    No problem with putting a TQ on the stock, as long as you can shoot from both shoulders effectively and you have another TQ on your body. What’s already been said.

    All that said RE Factor makes some nice stuff, I am sitting at the airport next to my ASO bag. Product and product implementation are two different things. The product may be good, if the implementation doesn’t suit you, don’t use it. Pretty simple.

  4. Dev says:

    I remember when it was SOP in the RARs to tape their FADs to the buttstock of the Steyr.

  5. Invictus says:

    Who makes the shirt in this ad? Can’t place it…

  6. Kerbert says:

    Ad is trying too hard. Tired of all the SUPER MACHO GUN CGI EXPLOSIONS BRO stuff. Just keep it professional guys. Having annoying ads takes away from the product, it’s distracting.

    With that being said, personal opinion having a TQ on the stock is a dumb idea. That’s not to say it won’t suit someones needs.

    My TQs stay wrapped on my chest away from dirt, gas and debris.

  7. Kango says:

    No one is saying to use the buttstock TQ holder as your only TQ.

  8. Lt M says:

    I don’t see this being too much of a problem for switching shoulders should the need arise. I like the idea of keep a TQ on the sling, but can’t help but think it would snag or get in the way.
    I have no objections to the ad other than the URL is screwed up.

  9. Dellis says:

    I like the ad.

    It’s a sobering thought of what it may be like 6 months into a Trump/Sanders/Hillary win.

  10. CWG says:

    Awesome. I keep chemlights on my rifle stock, looks like this would easily fit over it.

  11. Airborne_fister says:

    Or you get with your local rigger. Get some “elastic retainer bands” I.E. rubber bands that hold the static line on the main pack tray. And just use those. You can even girth hitch them around a molle spot. Then route the tourniquet thru them. Or be like this female MP I saw in the drac on Salerno. Just put the tourniquets on your arms and legs and walk around the base.

    • RE Factor Tactical says:

      We used rubber bands for years on deployment. The issue is that they rot and we lose our tourniquets if you don’t change out the bands, especially in dry hot environments.