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Protech Tactical Releases New Entry 1 First Responder Ballistic Shield

Entry 1FRLightweight Design for High-Speed First Responder Assaults

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Protech Tactical announced today the expansion of its Entry shield series with the addition of the Entry 1 First Responder (FR). NIJ 0108.01 type IIIA tested, the Entry 1 FR is designed for high-speed, first responder assaults at only 15lbs (7kg) and provides protection against a wide spectrum of handgun threats. The Entry 1 can be utilized for one-man coverage or for team mission maneuvers.

“The Entry 1 FR is a shield that every agency should have in their arsenal,” said Dan McNeil, Director of Tactical Armor. “Designed specifically with the first responder in mind, its shape, weight and ballistic protection make it a department essential.”

The Entry 1 FR is comprised of advanced composite, high performance polyethylene fiber. With a 18-degree curved design, it is ideal for high-speed entry coverage with its added wraparound protection from angled shots and maximized peripheral vision through the 4”x10” viewport. The cut-out silhouette at the top of the shield allows for long weapon deployment and support. Other features include an ambidextrous, three-position handle with an additional forearm strap for stability and support. A quick release breakaway shoulder strap can be used for added maneuverability, allowing for quick donning and doffing in emergency situations.

The Entry 1 FR is available for sale to the military and law enforcement community. The shield measures 24”x36” and is available in black. Visit for more information.

5 Responses to “Protech Tactical Releases New Entry 1 First Responder Ballistic Shield”

  1. Chuck Mac says:

    Ok… so what. They knocked off the MUST shield that is 10 yrs old already from Diamondback. Big whoop. Safariland tends to re-invent (a.ka. rip-off) or acquire its “new” stuff lately.

  2. Tacticoooool says:

    Is it me or does every pot have a comment like the one above? Oh so ____ ripped off the _____ from ______. Just because there is a product out there does not mean a company cannot expand on it and make it better. I mean how many 3 day assault packs are there and everyone still gets a stiffy when a new one is released….

    • Riceball says:

      Yeah, that does seem to happen a lot. I guess it’s a good thing that these people aren’t running companies of their own, otherwise there would be no innovation or improvement on existing products and our choices for all things would be very limited because it’s been done before therefor it can’t be done any better or differently. If the rest of the world thought like that we’d all be driving the same few models of cars, we’d all be using the same phones, computers, etc.

  3. Kevin says:

    Chuck’s right. What’s “innovative” about this? Aeschylus and Pericles used one that was probably NIJ IIIA, but didn’t have the window.

  4. Bill says:

    If I gotta drive a shield, it’s going to be more than IIIA and 24 inches wide.