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Magpul Responds to Gibbz Arms GAMA Letters To M-LOK Licensees

Yesterday, we published a story about Gibbz Arms’ new GAMA attachmemt system and their contact with licensees of Magpul’s M-Lok attachment, soliciting them to license their product.  This is Magpul’s response.

It has come to our attention that Gibbz Arms claims to have a utility patent application pending for an accessory attachment system for firearms, which they refer to as the “GAMA” system, and that they have recently issued a press release implying that companies that use the M-LOK system will need to pay for a license. However, we also note that this patent application wasn’t filed until September of 2015, which was long after Magpul filed for and obtained its own utility patents for the M-LOK system, and long after Magpul released its own M-LOK products to the market. Gibbz Arms appears be trying to impermissibly backdate its untimely utility patent application based on a prior design patent application that Gibbz filed in early 2013 for an ornamental design directed to a left-handed T-Nut. This 2013 design patent application was not publicly available until earlier this year.

Magpul expects that this attempted back-dating will be unsuccessful over the long run, and that Gibbz Arms will not be able to establish that its utility patent application was timely filed. The Gibbz utility patent filing includes broad proposed claims directed towards functions that are outside the scope of what is disclosed in its prior application for an ornamental design. Regardless, the pending claims in this utility application should not be assumed to be granted—the merits of the patent still need to be determined by the U.S. Patent &Trademark Office. Magpul fully expects that Gibbz Arms will not be successful in obtaining and maintaining a valid utility patent that will pose a concern for users of the M-LOK system. Magpul is also committed to taking whatever action is necessary, including challenges before the Patent & Trademark Office and in Federal District Court, to ensure that users of the M-LOK system continue to have complete freedom to operate without interference from, or the need to obtain a license demanded by, Gibbz Arms.

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7 Responses to “Magpul Responds to Gibbz Arms GAMA Letters To M-LOK Licensees”

  1. Phil says:


  2. jbgleason says:

    And the gauntlet is thrown…

    Not real sure of the financial capabilities of Gibbs but MagPul seems to be a fairly heavy weight adversary so I hope they are ready to go big time. As usual, the lawyers are loving this as they are the ones who are going to make bank.

  3. Chip says:

    Who the hell is Gibbz Arms?

  4. Larry says:

    Lawyers + Patent Trolls = GREED

    I hope Jizz Arms loses a ton of money trying to profit off this.

  5. Mike Nomad says:

    Never enough damn popcorn in the boat…

  6. Stickman says:

    The only winners are the lawyers. That being said, it looks like yet one more company is trying to ride the Magpul coat tails.