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Enforce Tac – TriTac

This is the TriTac Plate Carrier with the TriMag ammo pouch attached.

The Plate Carrier is offered in Single and Multi curved versions to fit different types of plates but due to the way they cradle the plate with mesh and straps, they can accommodate a variety of cuts and manufacturers. In addition to cable management across the shoulders, they also offer removable padding for both shoulders and torso (front and rear).

The TriMag and MagPouch are the erector sets of magazine pouches. Made from Kydex they can be configured in several ways to carry different magazines. They can also be stacked, one atop another. The magazines are retained via bungee.


The magazine pouches can be attached directly to the Plate Carrier via a tab and slot system. Additionally, they can be configured for PALS compatibility.


To reconfigure the mag carrier for use with pistol magazines, you can insert a shim with two bolts.

The line is offered in Black, Coyote and Olive.


12 Responses to “Enforce Tac – TriTac”

  1. Mike says:

    Cool-looking carrier. I like that it fits an array of plates.

    I was struck by the amount of English words they use when German versions exist, but I guess using the English is more specifically pointing to a known thing.

    I especially like the logo, finger pews and all!

  2. Dev says:

    Coming soon to a Neil Blomkamp film near you

  3. Chuck Mac says:

    Maybe Tacticoooool will call me out again…. but, this concept has been done by an American company called S&S Precision and even has hints of the Taco pouches made by another U.S. company.

    • Griffin says:

      My thoughts exactly, not to many good ideas coming out these days just people jumping on late trying to reinvent the wheel…

      • NS says:

        And what the hell is with all the loose shock cord running all over the place on those ammo pouches!?

        • TB says:

          I believe the amount of shock cord is there so you have enough to utilise for whatever purpose you deem necessary. If you have too much, just work to what you need then trim the rest.

          • NS says:

            I got that, but you’d think they’d clean it up a little for display and marketing purposes…

  4. Luke says:

    definitely has Taco in its ancestry but this is probably the most original/interesting Taco-esque pouch I’ve seen yet, looks pretty well done if you ask me. Being able to add the middle divider is certainly new if nothing else.

    And while the S&S comparison is pretty natural at first glance, I think if you look harder you will start to see quite a few differences.

    • Reseremb says:

      For a Taco-esque pouch with some innovations look for the Ukrainian company Squall, they also have optional flaps for their ammo pouches.

  5. Ron says:

    It’s already been said, but this is, sadly, a poor knockoff of multiple American companies and clearly infringement on their ideas. S&S invented this exact frame, but they use their own pouches and mag carriers, and it looks slicker and less cluttered without all the shock cord to tangle up in. I don’t even like the G-Code tacos, but they are higher quality stuff than the junk shown here, so if you like bungees all over your gear, at least go with the original. I just don’t see anything here that isn’t stolen, and done better by the original creators.

  6. the who says:

    man this looks just like that plastic deal from S and S…would hate to have to wear it. what can you really do with it? A plate bag and PALS field is all you need and this has neither??

  7. I looked at this and immediately thought it was kydex based on the grain pattern. Clicked through and my suspicions were confirmed.