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Griffin Armament AR Furniture Now Shipping


The design objective for the Griffin AR furniture products were to bring quality, functional options to the market that offered unique benefits at affordable prices. The ECS (Extreme Condition Stock), RailShield M-LOK compatible rail covers, and A3 grip are available in Black, FDE, OD Green, and Grey.

“The Extreme condition stock definitely took the most effort.”, Austin stated, Primary owner and Lead engineer for Griffin. He went on to say, “I wanted to make something unique and better. There is a lot of stuff that has come out on the market the last few years that is unique but doesn’t necessarily add any new function or improvement over what already existed.”


The Extreme Condition Stock features a proprietary low drag latching system designed around a beefy stainless tool steel locking pin. This mechanism in conjunction with optimal geometry, and impact modified injected materials, allow the ECS to pass a 10 foot drop test when used with the Griffin MRE-HD (Maritime Receiver Extension Heavy Duty). In Griffin’s testing, the ECS stock, when used in conjunction with their MRE, allowed direct impingement Ar15s to pass an “Over The Beach Test”. Holes in the rear butt plate and along the sides of the stock communicate with holes in the MRE allowing for reduced pressure in the operating system when fired immediately after the firearm is removed from the water. The stock has a canted rear butt angle for improved ergonomics to the body. This also ensures recoil is kept high and in-line with the barrel to minimize muzzle rise. Also the top of the stock is “beard friendly” meaning there is no hole present as found in mil-spec style stocks. A low profile anti-rotation QD sling swivel socket is the provided means of sling attachment.


The A3 grip is simple in that it doesn’t have a plug on the bottom. “We polled a lot of our friends from military and contracting and a very small percentage ever used storage in plug grips even when they had them.” Said a representative from Griffin. The goal of this product was to make a very affordable improved grip over the A2 grip. “It features a more vertical grip angle and deletes the annoying finger shelf that nobody really likes.”, He went on to state


The RailShield panel kit sections are 4.6” long ensuring that you can get a full hand grip on the panels protecting your hand from thermal transfer of a hot rail if you are going through a lot of ammo fast. The styling of the kit matches the A3 grip. Four pieces are included. The user has the option of running the bottom flat panel or palm stop panel. The palm stop geometry is placed as rearward as possible, again allowing a full hand grip while giving the shooter an anchor point to pull the gun hard into the shoulder pocket to control recoil and grab fast follow up shots.

Griffin is shipping furniture at the time of this press release.


13 Responses to “Griffin Armament AR Furniture Now Shipping”

  1. Had a feel of the set at SHOT, very surprised at how competitive the pricing has come out considering the quality and the design that’s gone in to these parts. In particular the stock, I know Griffin put a lot of thought in to the way the detent pin interacts with the indents in the receiver extension.

  2. Frank says:

    Beware Griffin Armament. I was double billed on an order. I tried emailing them several times with no response. There’s no phone number on their website and the number they provide on the credit card transaction on my billing statement is not in service. Now I have to go through filing a disputed transaction claim with the credit card company. Total fail for these guys on customer service.

    • BillC says:

      This seems to be the norm for tac companies now. Email or call them, even multiple times elicits no response. Complain about them once on FB, Twitter, Arfcom once, they over it like a fat kid on cake.

      This isn’t a dig at Griffin, Ethan has appeared to have handled it. Other times at other places, from other companies, I have seen them blame the customers and the cry by saying why didn’t the customer come to them first for a fix. Uh, they tried.

    • Sam says:


      This is Sam with Griffin Armament. Please send me an email direct to [email protected]

      Once we get in touch, I’ll get this situation figured out and resolved for you as quickly as possible.


    • Frank says:

      My complaint fell upon the right eyes and it was rapidly resolved with the speed of a Hellfire missile. Sam at Griffin Armament took care of the issue quickly and professionally. I’m all about second chances and I will remain a customer. I still would like a contact number on their website. A simple phone call could have avoided all these emails/comments.

      • BillC says:

        Good deal. I had a similar thing happen (contact-wise) with, well, I don’t want to throw them under the bus. We will just call them MagP. No, that’s too obvious, let’s call them M.Pul instead.

        Well, a kit I ordered was just missing a simple screw and I emailed them about it. Two weeks, no response. Emailed all their addresses about the same issue. One week later I was swimming in screws.

        But now I’m about in the same boat again because their Gen 2 backup sight broke from being transported, collapsed, in a range bag. Sigh. First and last time I use plastic sights, even Magpul (oops, just called them out), on a lightweight build.

  3. Ethan says:

    Frank sometimes messages go to spam, please try emailing [email protected] or [email protected] from another email address if possible.

    We have an unconditional 30 day return policy and will definitely honor it past the 30 day window if there has been any problem reaching us.


    -Griffin CS

  4. Justacivie says:

    What type of brake is that?

  5. Pieter says:

    How about developing a QD sling swivel that can mount directly to keymod instead of needing a qd mount on the keynod and then connecting the qd swivel to the mount?

  6. ThatBlueFalcon says:

    Guys, I like the products, but please fire whoever wrote that press release, or at least point them to the Associated Press stylebook.