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WarriorWool from WeatherWool

Not long ago we told you about Al’s Anorak from WeatherWool which was worn on the season premiere of “Dual Survival” by primitive survival expert Bill McConnel. WeatherWool has also been working on a garment specifically for military use, called WarriorWool which is made from their fullweight fabric which is made from Rambouillet sheep fibers. That’s a material you’ll hear referred to as Merino wool.


As the story goes, one of WeatherWool’s founders is a SEAL and he wore their clothing during deployments to Afghanistan and that’s how WarriorWool was born. As you can see, it’s in their LYNX camo pattern which kind of resembles AOR 1 pattern.

To learn more about WarriorWool, visit


12 Responses to “WarriorWool from WeatherWool”

  1. Grump says:

    Looks comfy!

  2. babola says:

    Yeti finally seen in the wild!

  3. kemp says:

    i guess the next big tactical thing is going to be flintlocks, too

  4. the dude says:

    what is old is new again… Love my wool hunting clothes

  5. Dellis says:

    Nuthin new under the sun.

    I laughed at the guy who told me he wears nothing but wool socks, even in Texas summer. Since trying a pair some years ago, I am a believer. So much better than the polyester walmart socks.

    • BillC says:

      Did me well soldering and contracting in the shitty deserts of the world. A quality pair of wool socks are comfy as Hell and make your feet stink less. It simply amazes me how many people and professionals shrug off the importance of socks. They literally make or break you.

      • Ralph DiMeo says:

        The Veteran in the picture surely agrees with BillC!! My friend wears a thin wool liner sock under a thicker wool hiking sock. He believes this combination drastically reduces the chances of blistering. WeatherWool does not yet manufacture socks but a sister company offers Woolpower … which, although Swedish, has been tested and very highly rated by US Military.

  6. Ralph DiMeo says:

    Dear SSD: Thank You for the mention! We did not know until a friend sent us your link this morning.

    At WeatherWool, we are making the best pure-American Woolens we can figure out how to make. Anyone is welcome to return WeatherWool for a full refund if unhappy after severe field testing. So far, no one has requested a refund.

    The perfect garment material has not yet been invented, but we believe wool comes closer than anything else. If you will be facing a variety of what Mother Nature can dish out, wool will protect you better than anything else.

    WeatherWool performance was well admired earlier this month at Ice Camp Sargo, on the pack ice of the Arctic Ocean. WeatherWool is presently being evaluated by both the United States Army and United States Air Force.

    Please feel free to contact me 24/7. My cell: 973-943-3110.

    Thank You — Ralph DiMeo, WeatherWool Founder

    • Dellis says:

      Hello sir, thank you for posting here. Love when companies stand behind their products and make themselves available.

      What I want to ask is, do you make scarfs, for both guys and gals? My wife loves scarfs but always buys cheap crap so I would like to get her a quality one.

      I’ll check your site out as soon as I have the time.

      Thank You!

      • Ralph DiMeo says:

        Hi Dellis! —- Yes, THANKS, we sure do make Scarves. You will find complete info on our website and you are welcome to order online or by phone. We appreciate your interest! — Ralph