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Tactical Tailor – Regiment Pack

The Pacific Northwest Pack Series began as a project to fulfil a solicitation for a suite of SOCOM packs. Our designs for this solicitation were brought about with input from actual SOF soldiers who took these packs to the field throughout the design process and brought back their impressions and recommendations for improvements. We took their advice back to our designers who then continually refined the packs until they met the exacting standards of these elite soldiers.

The Regiment pack is a larger rucksack, intended to carry heavy sustainment loads on patrol or reconnaissance. With a total capacity of over 5000 cubic inches, this bag is heavy duty, but at only 5.5 pounds, it is not heavy-weight. Our designers have worked hard to incorporate the most useful features you might need in a long range pack while not wasting your time with useless bells and whistles that only look good as bullet points.

All the standard features are here, like a reinforced carry handle, stainless drain holes on all the exterior pockets, RTO pass-through zipper and side compression straps. Beyond that, you will also find pass throughs on the side pockets for odd sized items like ski poles or shooting sticks, left and right side external zippers for cable or hydration pass through, separate zipper access to the main compartment, internal attachment points for our PRC-117G radio pouch, an air mesh map pocket inside the top flap and much more. The pack is also STRLLS and H harness compatible for airborne operations.

Along with this new line of packs, we’ve also introduced upgrades to our traditional straps and belt in the form of our Low Profile and Low Profile Adjustable Super Straps and Ergo Super Belt. These new designs add even more comfort along with added functionality and adjustability. The Regiment Pack is also available in a discounted kit form which includes the pack, our Fight Light MALICE Pack Frame, Low Profile Adjustable Super Straps and 34” Ergo Super Belt.


5 Responses to “Tactical Tailor – Regiment Pack”

  1. nick says:

    All the weights I’ve seen are the bag alone any figure with the new strap design and TT’s frame?

  2. Guy says:

    So how’s this vs the MALICE pack? I loved that damn thing, the only problem being I would stuff it full of every piece of kit ‘just in case’ and then nearly die from my 150lb ruck on movements.

    • Joe says:

      Well, nothings going to stop you from loading too much in these packs either if that’s what you’re asking… They are just as tough and versatile as our MALICE packs, just designed to do it a little more specialized. Your back will probably appreciate the new straps and belt when you inevitably overload your pack though!

  3. jose says:

    Where were these rucks when I was humping a ruck in the jungle? I remember them offering upgrades to the large ruck, but being overseas and a young Inf private, had no money for it.. Nice looking features..