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Mission Spec Introduces New Organization Tools


4/1/2016 – Mission Spec has announced the release of two new products for the tactically aware market to help keep operators organized and on task. The first of the two products is the Mission Spec TacNotes. Built from 1000D CORDURA in a 3×3” configuration the TacNotes offer a disposable reminder system that allows operators to keep important mission details in mind. Due to their hook backing the TacNotes are able to stick to just about anything in your AO and with the loop front the TacNotes are stackable.


The TacNotes have been in testing with a certain Tier 1 unit for several years now. [Pictured] below is a
prototype model recovered from Abbottabad, Pakistan on May 3rd, 2011.


Also new from Mission Spec is the ERLINS (Extreme Resilient Low Infrared Note System). Due to the high
concentration of Type?A personalities and pre?workout supplements in the mission briefing room we have all
experienced the frustration of ripped briefing notes. The ERLINS are impervious to tears, creatine spills,
erasers, and anti?American activity.


Both products are NIR (near infrared) compliant, Berry Compliant, made in the USA with US sourced components, and ITAR controlled via the U.S. Department of State because an organized enemy is a dangerous enemy. Colors available now: Black, Coyote, Ranger Green, UCP (already on clearance). Coming soon: MultiCam, Kryptek Highlander, AOR1/2, Desert/Woodland MARPAT, ABU.

The Mission Spec TacNotes and ERLINS will be available at and authorized Mission Spec


WARNING: DO NOT take Mission Spec ERLINS or TacNotes into the field with classified information where
capture is possible as these products are indestructible.


16 Responses to “Mission Spec Introduces New Organization Tools”

  1. rwh says:

    What is the price???

  2. DA says:

    April fools, from SSD…

  3. Jack Griffin says:

    Screw you, guys.

    I would use those.

  4. These guys are doing it right. haha!

  5. AlBloch says:

    “UCP (already on clearance)” – genius

  6. Bill says:

    Nice, I had a WTF moment for a second.

  7. I heart pt belts says:

    I’m left handed, is there a version B I can use in my left handed binder?

  8. Asinine Name says:

    Not available in MultiDoge – I’m out.

  9. A good piece of kit not to be overlooked. Having had a long career in LE, I see value in this for SWAT, as well as any other detail where temporary info is to be recorded for short periods of time. If a record might be needed it can be photographed before being removed.

  10. Airborne_fister says:

    Is this Hillary Clinton’s new system for communicating with anyone in the government? So she cannot delete them or erase anything on them?