Left-Handed Slings Are Here!


Throughout the years, we’ve received a number of requests for left-handed slings. From hopeful requests to the just plain angry, it’s been pointed out to us that we don’t have as much love for lefties as we do for our right-handed customers.

To show you we appreciate all of our customers equally, we’ve developed the revolutionary Left-Handed Vickers Sling™.

Now all you left-handed shooters can go to the range with your right-handed friends without fearing ridicule and poor performance.


24 Responses to “Left-Handed Slings Are Here!”

  1. CCC says:

    Totally off topic but… Any info on the ruck, ruck cover, or belt kit? The tropic colored cover looks interesting not to mention the belt kit.. Belt-Minimus maybe? Not many modern interpretations of LBE stuff out.

  2. MikeB says:


  3. Phil says:

    In any case, please show that buttpack and backpack ! anyone got any info on them?

  4. Mission Spec says:

    Hopefully we can get some left handed mag pouches next.

  5. ragnar says:

    Do they offer this as a left handed single point setup?

  6. Brent says:

    Can I get a right handed version of the left handed sling?

  7. THANK GOD! Finally a company catering to us poor, downtrodden left handers. Now all I need is a left handed plate carrier, left handed mag pouches, left handed tourniquet holders and a left handed plate carrier.

    Way to go BFG!

  8. BillC says:

    I love how it actually lets you add it to the cart. (Yes, yes, I do know why).

  9. Ryoushin says:

    Is there a traditional 20% markup as well because it is a left-handed specific item?

  10. Jim says:

    What is that forward mount on the SCAR? Cut down kdg?

    • Stephen Hilliard says:

      Wow; good eye! Yes, it is a KDG MREX that I hacked down to work with my Surefire 762-SV suppressor on the 13″ barrel.

  11. KNutz says:

    Jesus, finally! One question though – is this compatible with right handed shooters who are left eye dominant, or will it interfere with my right handed pistol use? I feel like we’ve finally got the solution bracketed, soon us “righty-lefty’s will be properly supported.

  12. Luke says:

    Nearly all the product pics are right-handed users, I don’t feel adequately catered to.

  13. JG says:

    Already backordered! I heard from a guy at the mall that he knows a dude that said SEAL Team 6 bought up all available stock.